Silt PD a bit heavy-handed |

Silt PD a bit heavy-handed

Dear Editor,

Recently in the Post Independent were stories in the cop shop that caught my attention. The story of Camille’s two donkeys was the first. I saw those donkeys myself and regret now that I did not stop and help the situation out. Later, I saw that a citation was given, and I wondered why the police couldn’t just tell Camille and perhaps even help. I’ve never met Camille, but she must be one scary lady to slap her in handcuffs for an unpaid parking ticket. In my opinion, those two donkeys made a jackass of the Silt P.D.

Next is a report of a substantial fire at the Silt Park. Apparently embers from the Davis property blew across the river and ignited a fire at the Silt park. According to the police, “criminal mischief charges may be filed.” I walked through the Silt park yesterday and was truly amazed at what I saw. I was expecting to see this large charred area and what I found was a very, very small area consisting mostly of a couple of dead, partially rotted logs and a little bit of dead grass that had burned. Reported in the paper as a three- to four-acre fire, it was more like a thousand square feet.

The Silt park on the river is a very nice place but contains plenty of noxious weeds such as knapweed and tamarisk, and the beaver are very active. Beaver do not bother dead trees, they create them. Not one live tree was harmed by this minor fire, whereas the beaver had destroyed numerous live trees. That is criminal mischief! Let the police take care of that. They’re armed, they’re dangerous, and they have a lot of time on their hands.

Sorry, but self-congratulatory letters to the Post by the Silt P.D. have not convinced me of the need for such a large police force.

To the Post Independent, you dumped “News of the Weird,” which was at least sometimes entertaining. Why not dump the cop shop? It’s only a vehicle for the police to toot their own horn, often exaggerating true circumstances as evidenced by the fire report. Of course, for the folks who have the misfortune of being in the cop shop, it serves as a scarlet letter!

For the town of Silt, dump the bloated, overly aggressive police force and bring back the town marshal. The money saved on the five police cars and five to seven police officers could be better spent cleaning up the polluted water you dump into the Colorado River. Some of that savings could also be used to landscape and beautify the entrance to Silt!

To the police, try being just a little more laid back, fellows. The macho, bully-boy approach used by a certain segment of the police is so unbecoming. The motto is “to serve and protect” not “search and destroy.”

To us, as citizens, what can we do about the police causing trouble? Not much. It’s a sad statement but the police scare me more than the crooks. Read up on your rights. Recent decisions in the court have limited their ability to just cast out a dragnet and see what they come up with. Let Gregg Rippy know what you think about the police having the ability to confiscate property without a conviction. Let’s close that loophole; common sense says that is just plain wrong!

Michael Short

New Castle

Editor’s note: For the record, Ms. Toler was handcuffed and briefly taken into custody for a failure to appear warrant, not for a parking ticket.

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