Silt shouldn’t be run by a lynch mob |

Silt shouldn’t be run by a lynch mob

Dear Editor,

This is in regard to the survey being done in Silt.

I have lived in Silt for 15 years. My husband and I moved our family here because of the type of town Silt was and still is. We live in the older part of Silt with neighbors that have been here as long or longer than we have.

What I don’t understand is if Dave Moore has to close his eyes when he drives down Main Street because it looks so bad, why did he move here, and why is he building so many houses here? You know, Dave, the road goes both ways through Silt; if you are not happy here, why don’t you pack up and leave? The same goes for your sidekick Shannon Bailey.

Now about this committee for a better government. Well, they look more like a Iynch mob to me. From what I understand, the building inspector was only doing his job. He followed the book and he would not cut corners and because of that the “Iynch mob” – I mean “the committee” – threatened to have the mayor recalled and the town staff fired if they did not bow to their demands.

So two good men lost their jobs and the committee is not through yet. (Their words, not mine). So who will they cast their eyes on next?

If Dave Moore and Shannon Bailey wanted to make a difference in the way Silt is governed, then why didn’t they run for trustee or mayor? Why were there vacant trustee seats for so long? Because those two people don’t work that way; they have to have their committee (Iynch mob) to back them up.

I was proud of Mr. Tibbetts when he said “no” to the committee’s idea for two of the board members to step down so that the contractors could have representation on the board. Why – so they could build houses in Silt that don’t meet code and get away with it? If they wanted to be on the board they had plenty of opportunity. So I think we need to stand behind the Board of Trustees and not let a Iynch mob run the town.

Lynn Haley


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