Six ways to liven up the greens |

Six ways to liven up the greens

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There are those who would say a game isnt a game unless theres something at stake. Sure, there are bragging rights. But for many a golfer, thats just not enough. As the saying goes, Show me the money! So thats just what were going to do, thanks to the gambling gurus at who encourage duffers to avoid the doldrums by exploring a variety of different games designed to add an extra twist to your next 18 holes.

Format: Team and/or individual Number of players: FourGame: Wolf begins on the first tee with players in a foursome establishing an order of play. Players will rotate that same order throughout the round in other words, if you hit first on No. 1, youll hit second on No. 2, third on No. 3, and so on. The player teeing off first is the Wolf. The players take turns playing the Wolf based on the rotation of the established tee-off order. After teeing off, the Wolf has the following options: 1) Choose one of the other three players as a partner for the hole based on the results of the tee shots; or for example, the Wolf tees off first. Then the second player in the rotation tees off. Based on the results of the second players drive, the Wolf has the option to select the second player as a partner or pass. Once the third player hits their tee shot, the second player is no longer eligible as a partner for the Wolf. Likewise, once the fourth player hits their drive, the third player is no longer eligible as a partner for the Wolf.Scoring: Points are earned as follows: Winning team = two points each player; Wolf wins playing alone = three points; Wolf loses playing alone = two points each for all other players.

Format: Team Number of Players: FourGame: Scrambles are the all-time favorite game for special events and tournaments. Four-member teams are the most common, but a scramble can also be played with two or three players per team.Scoring: Long drivers are beneficial to a team in this game, but short game skills are also necessary for posting competitive scores. Since putting plays a big part in a scramble, every player on a team has an opportunity to contribute.

Format:Individual Number of players: Two, three or fourGame: Bingo, Bango, Bongo allows players to be competitive regardless of the differences in handicaps. Each hole has three points available. Any monetary value desired may be assigned to each point.Scoring: Points are earned as follows: Bingo first ball on the green = one point; Bango closest to the pin after everyone is on the green = one point; Bongo first ball in the hole = one point. The player that is the farthest away must play first.

Format: Individual Number of players: threeGame/Scoring: Each hole has a total point value of nine points. Players earn points as follows: low score = five points; second lowest score = three points; high score = one point. In the event two players tie for low score, the two tied players receive four points each. When two players tie for the high score, the tied players get two points each. If all three players tie for low score, each player gets three points.

Format: Team Number of players: fourGame: Las Vegas begins with the foursome splitting into two teams one twosome against the other. On each hole, the players on each team combine their net scores to make the lowest possible two-digit number.Scoring: The betting points awarded per hole are determined by the difference between the two team scores.

Format: Individual or team; Number of players: two, three, four or moreGame: Nassau is one of the most popular gambling games on the golf course. A Nassau is made up of three matches. The front nine holes make up the first match, the back nine the second, and the 18-hole total makes up the third.Scoring: The point value assigned to each match is equal and is determined prior to the round. For example, a 10-10-10 would indicate a $10 bet on the front nine, a $10 bet on the back, and a $10 bet on the entire 18 holes.

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