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‘Smart’ role made for Carell

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Snaps to Mad Chance company and director Peter Segal for finding a perfect role for Steve Carell.

His lines were timely, and the action was entertaining. It did not feel forced like some of his other roles. There is no doubt in my mind that Carell was the only one who could have played the part of Maxwell Smart.

In this remake of the television show from the ’60s, Smart gets promoted be an agent for CONTROL after they are attacked by their arch nemesis KAOS. From there he takes off to Russia to join Agent 99 (a much less annoying then usual Anne Hathaway).

Dwayne Johnson (formally known as The Rock) does a great job as the head-strong Agent 23, he delivers his comedy beautifully.

This one is actually safe for the kids as well, so feel free to see a matinee this weekend.

Two out of four suns

Leave it to Hollywood to make a movie purely for the intention of making more movies.

The re-doing of this film made zero sense to me. I wondered, as I am sure many of you did, why would Marvel choose to remake a film that flopped so solidly just five short years ago?

Well, the ending scene of this new version of Hulk gave a pretty lucrative answer. Marvel plans to make Hulk part of a super-hero team, one that will spring many more films, and millions upon millions of more dollars.

It is pretty ingenious as a marketing ploy, though. The sky is the limit once they start mixing and matching these heroes so that each movie is intricately connected to the next. You cannot see one without seeing them all.

Also, in this version of “The Incredible Hulk”, the infamously conscience-torn Bruce Banner is played by Edward Norton. Not some new young, strong and hip actor ” but a seasoned, Oscar-nominated, forty-year-old man.

Some might ask why Norton would “lower” himself to a Marvel B movie based on a comic, but it is pure brilliance, actually. This way he makes sure to stay current in a genre that sees no end in sight.

Really, this is a very interesting social commentary on age. When I went to see “Iron Man,” the first thought that crossed my mind walking in was that Robert Downey Jr. was too old. But instead we see a 43-year-old action hero. Ten years ago, there is no way this would have ever been possible.

So I guess its true, 40 is the new 30, and 30 is the new 20. So what does that mean for those of us inhabiting life outside of Hollywood? Age is actually becoming nothing but a number.

On a critique of the film itself, it was fine. Norton pulled it off and it is a great lazy day treat. The best acting, however? Hands down it was Liv Tyler as Betsy Ross, the scientist lover of Hulk, and daughter of the enemy. Her scenes actually brought emotion to an otherwise unmoving film.

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