Smoke from Middle Mamm Creek fire increases |

Smoke from Middle Mamm Creek fire increases

The fire has grown to 8 acres in dry conditions, but fire officials are allowing it to burn for now

Smoke from the Middle Mamm Creek fire in Garfield County.
Provided/U.S. Forest Service

Smoke from a small fire burning near Middle Mamm Creek may be visible south of Rifle, according to the Forest Service.

The small fire started July 30 in a remote part of Garfield County, close to the Mesa County line. It has grown to about eight acres.

The fire is being managed by Forest Service officials, but the recent dry weather has influenced the behavior and increased smoke that is visible from Interstate 70 near Rifle.

“The fire is currently burning in dead timber within a spruce-fir stand; this can produce a lot of smoke,” Rifle District Ranger Sarah Hankens said in a press release. ”We are continually evaluating fuel conditions and considering weather trends in our decision to manage this fire.”

Firefighters placed a remote automated weather station near the fire to monitor humidity and other factors that could change the fire’s behavior.

Currently, the Forest Service is allowing the fire to burn and decrease fuels in the area, but the fire managers have set thresholds as they monitor, according to the release.

“If the fire reaches one of those thresholds, or if circumstances become unacceptable, firefighters will take action to suppress or contain the fire.”

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