Some groups deserve closer scrutiny

Marty Lich

Dear Editor,

I agree that only a percentage of a given population is responsible for bad happenings in the United States/world. However, specific ethnic groups are the majority leaders in perpetuating these very bad things, so, yes, we better watch the ones we know have al-Qaida/bin Laden ties.

The original two 9/11 planners came to the United States under false pretenses. One entered the country on a false student visa, and purchased his fraudulent ID through an illegal migrant worker, the second man entered this country under a fake business visa, and also purchased fake ID papers allowing him to stay.

Has this visa problem gone away? Well, we are unable to locate 314,000 illegal Middle Easterners who have been formally ordered to be deported, but vanished in the United States (see

Do I hate Muslims, Middle Easterners, Mexicans, Germans, or Chinese? Nope, but I believe we should take a close look at all people we know are coming from countries known to have terrorists ties. Otherwise we are simply fooling ourselves.

If a known child kidnapper was seen driving a red Corvette in your neighborhood, and the police did not stop/question all red Corvettes driving around your area, would you be upset if another child from your neighborhood was kidnapped the next day by someone driving a red Corvette? Probably yes, but isn’t that “stereotyping” all red Corvette owners?

Just sign me “Soccer Mom” who has done her homework.

Marty Lich


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