Soul dancing |

Soul dancing

Do you believe in love at first sight? Two years ago July 9th, on the day I was to meet my new husband, I was attending a summer school in the high desert near Gallup, N.M. Many members of the world-wide Baha’i Faith gather there every year to hold study sessions, pray and meditate, plan and prepare great meals, and meet new and old friends.

It was my next-to-last day before I would leave to go back to Durango where my daughter lived and was going to school. The year before, I’d come to this summer school for the first time. I had such wonderful experiences that this second year was like a reunion, and since I’d been through some very difficult times in the last two years, this place had become a haven of peace and serenity for me. The year before I had volunteered my time in the kitchen with pots and pans. This year I’d been elevated to making cookies.

On that day that changed my life, I was making oatmeal cookies. The smell of freshly baked cookies filled the air. Waiting for the batch to finish cooking, I leaned against the counter and looked out into the open area where we would be feeding lunch to over 200 folks. As I stared out into empty space, watching the light fall across the room and the sun peek into the windows, I felt a strange sensation, as though some force was tugging on my sleeve.

My gaze wandered over to the registration desk as an attractive man and his young Navajo friend signed themselves in. As he turned, our eyes met briefly. In that second, my heart skipped a beat. How do I describe the indescribable?

I felt the life force of my being jump from my body and dance around the room with this man’s soul. Perhaps that was a feeling of being with an old friend, a spiritual homecoming of two souls who had met in some other time and space, and now had somehow found one another again.

I did not know it at the time, but my new husband tells me he, too, was struck with such a powerful force that could not be mistaken for anything but love and the Hand of God at work.

Later that afternoon, we took a walk among the giant pine trees. Months later, we would meet in Durango and stay with friends as we got to know one another’s character.

On July 9th, 2006, we were married in a beautiful and simple Baha’i Faith Ceremony at The Little Red Schoolhouse at Canyon Creek.

I have always believed in love at first sight. Now it’s my love story. Love, it is the most powerful force in the Universe.

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