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Soul sisters

April E. ClarkGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado
Post Independent/Kelley Cox

SILT – If I didn’t know they were unrelated, I might confuse Linda Claussen and Claudia Plattner for sisters.But on a different level – a psychic plane – they are.Both are kind-natured, middle-aged women with blond hair and comforting voices. They are wise women with open minds and generous spirits.They are healers. Spiritualists.Meditators.Walking into Plattner’s Silt residence feels familiar, like returning home during fall break in college. The scent of lavender wafts in the air, and a light breeze blows in from the back screen door, jingling hand-crafted bells Plattner collects from the southwest.We sit down at a white linen-covered kitchen table to discuss their gift. Claussen has prophetic dreams. She says she saw her husband in a dream a year before they met. They were getting married.Plattner’s dreams have always been vivid – very, very vivid.I learn there is a difference. Envisioning what will happen to a person and finding answers to life’s questions in a dream state are not one and the same.These women can tell you that.”My dreams have always been very specific about things – about my growth as a human being, about my development,” Plattner says.

Plattner focuses more on psychic channeling. Oracle cards and gemstones play roles in her work.Claussen is a shamanic healer who helps people cleanse their bodies, minds and spirits of emotional baggage during readings.”That’s why it’s so amazing when we work together,” Plattner says. “Linda has the capability (of shamanic work). I don’t have that training. She’s a prophetic feeler, and I’m a prophetic visionary.”Some people carry baggage from past lives, say Claussen and Plattner. But to help unpack it, and put it away for good, a person has to believe.In shamanic work and psychic channeling, there must be trust.Lose the doubt.Shake the skepticism.No fear.”We believe in spirituality. People think just because we’re psychics that we don’t believe in God,” Plattner says. “That’s not true. We’re working with God. But I’ve never had an encounter with anyone who has given me a hard time.”Some people experience weighty issues in their current physical state that require both Claussen and Plattner’s help to release.”It’s all how we manifest things in the physical,” Claussen says. “We can really hurt ourselves with the fear that you have going into that.”When conducting a psychic reading and shamanic healing, Claussen and Plattner are in tune. They practically finish each other’s sentences like twins. They appear to share one another’s thoughts, bouncing senses off each other as they examine the soul.As I begin a session, they say I resist.Without truly knowing I am.”The fear was so strong,” Claussen says. I’m not surprised.There is trauma in my past life that has caused my issues with trust. I don’t let people in. There is tragedy involving siblings.I need to open my heart. That will lead me on my true path, one lined with positive energy.The reading is emotional, but worth the journey.

Claussen and Plattner have been down similar awakening roads.Most recently, they embarked on a spiritual voyage to Egypt in January. New York Times reporter Ethan Todras-Whitehill, and his photojournalist sister Tara Todras-Whitehill, accompanied Claussen and Plattner and a group of about 10 on the 21-day trip.”I have my entire life, since I was 5 years old, wanted to go to Egypt,” Plattner says.”Just the whole thing was destiny,” Claussen says.Claussen and Plattner say their trip to Egypt was like being at home. A visit to the Isis Temple after a float on the Nile particularly impacted Plattner.”I walked in and it hit me, like I had walked right smack into the past. I wasn’t feeling it – I was seeing it,” she says. “It was so clear and so obvious. That was the first time I saw Linda and I together in a lifetime.”Growing up, Claussen and Plattner both had experiences that clued them in to their clairvoyant gifts. Claussen remembers her mother giving her a geisha doll as a young child that triggered a vision.”I knew I had been a geisha,” she says. “I still feel very connected to Japan.”Claussen can relate.A trip to the Flat Tops with her family was equally as powerful.”I was about 15 or 16 and I found an arrowhead,” she said. “When I picked that arrowhead up, I had a vivid vision of the man who shot it.”Claussen and Plattner say many young children – more often than adults – have tendencies to be clairvoyant.

“You really have a way to recall things when you’re young,” Plattner says. “You haven’t sealed yourself in this society, and haven’t started to be influenced.”Claussen sees many young clients who need spiritual guidance with their visions.”I have children clients, and the kids are coming in really different,” she says. “They just know things – they’re more aware. I work with them and teach them how to deal with their gifts.”The ability to “see” into the inner planes of the universe, Claussen and Plattner say, is not as unusual as I had assumed. They were born with their gifts. But for some, awakening comes later.”More people than you can imagine have had some kind of experience,” Claussen says.Plattner agrees.”Everybody has the ability of getting their answers,” Plattner says. “Everybody tunes in, in a different way.”Meditation – and shamanic training to awaken free thinking – can go a long way in the transformation.”You have to get quiet to listen,” Claussen says.I, for one, can see a little bit more clearly now.Contact April Clark: 945-8515, ext. 16601aclark@postindependent.comPost Independent, Glenwood Springs, Colorado CO

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