Sounds like they could CARE less |

Sounds like they could CARE less

Dear Editor,

In regards to a letter to the editor about that animal shelter called CARE up by CMC, which killed a young dog, I must say that I am very upset about this. I understand that this poor animal had had a terrible life previously, tied up for life, with punks throwing rocks at her. When she arrived at CARE due to being dumped off by the owner there, she was traumatized from her short life in hell. And yes, there are those among us who will let a poor creature live in hell, right in their own yards.

Love and kindness and a regular lifestyle will almost always remedy the dog’s fears and anxieties. I know because I adopted two dogs years ago that came from a life of misery, and yes, they were nervous and prone to snap at someone. It took a while, but now they are the best, and my life would be poorer without them.

I have regularly given money to CARE via their collection jars around the valley. I also encouraged other people to do the same. I was under the impression that CARE does not kill animals since they always advertise themselves as a no-kill facility. Since I have learned that, indeed, they do kill quite a few of their charges. They even have a Problems and Solutions Committee, which formerly was called their Euthanasia Committee. I learned that they have a bunch of people on this committee who think that they are experts. Experts in what? In killing? In euthanasia?

It is bad enough to put down a dog. It is an outrage to put down a dog who is deeply loved by a human being, who offers that dog a good home and rehabilitation. It is ironic that the very folks who love animals the most appear to be hurt the deepest by the callous, impersonal actions taken by CARE in the face of people literally begging at their front door to hand over a doomed dog. This was what happened, and not for the first time.

The public is being misled to view this animal shelter as a no-kill shelter. CARE likes to portray itself that way, and people give money to them under this assumption. If they would run photos of all the dogs they have put down over the last three years they would get no more funds from kind-hearted people.

CARE would say that they have to euthanize certain vicious dogs to protect themselves from lawsuits. Who decides what dog is vicious? I think that if it gets too hot for them in the kitchen, they should get out of the dog business.

I called the lady who wrote the letter initially about this mess. She was crying on the phone as I asked her what really happened. Amy Krakow was beside herself over the death of this one and a half-year-old dog whom she loved and had wanted to adopt to a friend outside the city limits of Carbondale. She had personally gone up to CARE to plead for the animal’s life. She was treated like a stupid bleeding heart who was not worth being talked to nor treated with respect. That poor lady is hurt beyond words. Does CARE have the right to hurt good people that way, and then ask for money from the same good people who love animals?

I don’t think that CARE has the moral right to hurt people this way. I think CARE is a private club out of touch with the community. CARE should respond to my letter.

Sincerely written,

Ellie Arndt Williams

Glenwood Springs

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