South Canyon is no Rifle Falls Park |

South Canyon is no Rifle Falls Park

Dear Editor,

Rifle has a lovely city park up Rifle Creek above Rifle Falls. They have a caretaker, and it’s a lovely place to picnic and camp.

Glenwood Springs has over 3,000 acres up South Canyon which should make a lovely park if people didn’t keep trashing it up. Last summer some people put their tent up on our property without asking permission. I asked them to please move down on the city property. They said it’s too trashy down there. Next week Glenwood has scheduled on their annual calendar a cleanup and pickup trash day. I can’t see why the city administration can’t put South Canyon on their annual calendar for a cleanup and pickup trash day.

People are now shooting along the road in three different places, which is against a law that is never enforced. They are making a terrible mess. Last Sunday they put bottles and cans on our fence line. The shooting range should be opened for them, and someone should see that they clean up their mess.

After sledding and beer parties, they scatter their beer bottles and trash all around. The riflemen then shoot up the bottles and cans making a bigger and impossible mess to clean up. They throw their beer cartons, beer cans, and pop bottles into the scrub oak, and it’s difficult to climb down banks to get them.

California finally got an administration that cleaned up their filthy beaches. They don’t allow camping at night, and pay caretakers to take care of things. It’s now a lovely place to take your families, and it helps the economy.

There should have been thought of how Glenwood was going to finance taking care of 3,000 acres. Rifle can be proud of their park. They don’t allow people to go up there and trash it up. It makes a nice place for people in Glenwood to take their company and children to spend the day.

South Canyon is used by the public year-round. For families that can’t afford to ski, it’s a close and nice place to sled. It is a beautiful canyon. People are being allowed to throw mattresses, chairs, old cars, lumber from remodeling, tree limbs, car oil, tires, paper from fast food chains, even grain alcohol bottles (that stuff can blind your kids) alongside the road or up its draws. Once people start piling trash it’s an invitation for others to do the same. It’s time for Glenwood to realize that South Canyon is an asset and care should be taken of their property.

Sincerely ,

Winifred Richardson

Glenwood Springs

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