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Specifics, please

Dear Editor,

As is often true of those with strong opinions, preconceived notions and generalities could suffice for logical forethought.

Reading the opinions in Paul Edwards’ letter of March 18, one can see reality abrogated to conjecture.

Stating that corporate media in the United States is owned by the oil, mining and timber giants, Mr. Edwards fails to name any specific cases. What media outlets, TV, radio, print? What oil, logging or mining companies own media interests? In that vein, I’ll offer a specific, Turner Broadcasting. Ted Turner, the largest private landowner in America and owner of TNT, has a long record of monetary contributions to pro-environmental groups such as the Sierra Club. Mr. Turner also allows stockade hunting of buffalo and elk, for princely sums, and the use of low-voltage fencing to control wild game incursions. The use of such fencing has been shown to slowly kill any game ensnared in it. Where was this reported? In the Washington Times, a paper that is often labeled “right wing.”

Calling the New York Times anti-environment, Mr. Edwards again fails to offer any examples. Perhaps Mr. Edwards forgot to note the excoriating review of Bjorn Lomborg’s “The Skeptical Environmentalist,” a work based on statistical analysis and scientific method, not opinion. Flaying a work that contradicts the given assumption of global warming hardly qualifies the New York Times as “anti-environmentalist.”

On the touchy subject of race relations, Mr. Edwards states that Texas has never executed a Caucasian for the death of a black man. Not yet anyway. Right now there is a white man on death row for the horrific dragging death of a black man. How many others are on death row for the killing of blacks and how long their executions have been delayed by the courts Mr. Edwards fails to state.

On the point of racism being alive and well in America, Mr. Edwards is correct. Note the perjury of Al Sharpton that destroyed the career of a white police officer in New York, the shakedown tactics of Jessie Jackson or the stereotyping of black males as inherently criminal. Bigotry is a sin that recognizes no boundaries or ethnicity.

To label the arrest of a “slew” (no specific number mentioned) of Hispanic males as racist is to heap undeserved scorn onto law enforcement officers who are struggling to stem the flow of illicit drugs into this area. Contrary to what one feels about race, a conduit for illegal trafficking of drugs into this valley is illegal aliens, who often suffer no other punishment than deportation, only to return at a later time.

This is not racism, but merely a reflection of a failed drug enforcement policy.

Public discourse is a pathway to enlightenment. But opinion built with generalities and ill-informed conjecture is a house of cards destined to fall before the winds of candor.

David W. Plush

Glenwood Springs

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