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Spill cleanup continues

A report from EnCana on the Dry Hollow gas spill says it likely has not contaminated nearby water wells.A Basin Western truck overturned on Dry Hollow Road approximately seven miles south of Silt on Tuesday, July 12, spilling 85 barrels of condensate – waste products containing petroleum components – from a nearby EnCana well pad.The spill came within 500 feet of a stream and a shallow water well that supplies several homes in the area with water. “We’re confident at this point that groundwater has not been impacted,” EnCana said in a prepared statement. Wells downhill from the spill were tested to determine if they were affected by the spill.EnCana reports that the condensate spread along about 1,500 feet of borrow ditch on both sides of the road, as well as over an area 500 by 200 feet in an irrigated pasture on the west side of the road.Cleanup involved removal of topsoil and soil testing to a determine what toxic chemicals might be present.About 60 truckfuls of soil were removed from the spill area and taken to an oilfield disposal site north of Craig.

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