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Who’s currently winning the Iverson-Billups trade? The Pistons or Nuggets. Who do you think will come out ahead in the long run?

Usually, any team that gets rid of Iverson gets the better part of the trade. Selfish players like him, who do not practice hard or play defense, usually hurt a team’s overall success more than they help in the long run with their offense.

The fact that the Nuggets got a quality player like Billups, who just happens to be a Colorado boy, is a definite tipping of the scales in the favor of Nuggets when discussing the merits of this trade.

Detroit might get some short-term benefits, but, in the long run, Iverson will only hurt them.

The Iverson-Billups trade was supposed to make both the Nuggets and Pistons better teams. However, only the Nuggets are seeing the benefits thus far.

Iverson is up to his usual tricks: scoring buckets, skipping practice and allowing his man to score often. The Pistons are 7-9 since the trade.

This is one sports fan who loves seeing Detroit doing poorly. I say we sell the city to Canada. It’s the only major American city where one goes south to get to the Great White North.

The Creamy-Sweet Nougats are 13-4 since the trade and seem to be playing as a cohesive unit. They share the ball, rebound, and play strong defense. Carmelo Anthony’s new dedication to rebounding and defense has also sparked the resurgence.

Billups brings leadership and maturity to the squad. He’s a hometown guy who always plays hard and does what’s best for the team. Furious George Karl seems pleasant with Chauncey running the show.

Good mojo always helps as well. C-Bill is a huge Broncos fan and wears No. 7 to honor John Elway. The karma is oozing from the Nougats because of this.

Mmmm … karma.

I hate to say it but Detroit is getting the better end of this deal.

For the past few years, Detroit has lacked one key thing: a superstar who can take over a game.

They needed a go-to guy. Now that they have one, everybody in the Eastern Conference better watch out.

That’s not to say that the Nuggets aren’t getting a good deal either. They needed two things before the trade: defense and leadership. Chauncey Billups brings both of those qualities to the table.

Both teams benefited a lot from this trade, but since Detroit can contend for the title this year, I have to give the edge to the Pistons.

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