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Oh, no ” two things need to happen before this year’s Patriot team can be compared with, say, the ’66 Packer team (with nine Hall of Famers including Bart Starr, Jim Taylor, Paul Hornung, Ray Nitschke, et al) or the Csonka-Kiick Dolphins.

First, they have to reach and win the Super Bowl ” not a lock, since they’ll likely have to get by the Colts a second time to meet either the Cowboys or perhaps Favre’s Packers on a roll with destiny.

Second, let’s see Matt Cassel take all the snaps to finish the perfect regular season and in the first playoff game (as backup Earl Morrall did for the injured Bob Griese in the Dolphins’ undefeated season, followed up by 12-2 in ’73 and another Super Bowl victory).

So, comparisons with legendary teams are premature, and best left to matchups by APBA football or Strat-o-matic anyway.

Growing up in the Midwest back in the dark ages provided a choice of several professional football teams to favor. I chose Green Bay and I’m still a “Packer Backer!”

Therefore, I am picking TWO Packer teams from the past that would beat the Patriots. The 1966-67 Super Bowl I team defeated the great Kansas City Chiefs 35-10. In Super Bowl II, the Packers demolished a high-powered Oakland Raider team 33-14.

Although Bart Starr was selected MVP in both games, it was the Packer “smash mouth” defense that was instrumental, as indicated by the scores, in shutting down two highly touted offenses.

Yes, I am confident that either of these Packer teams would do the same thing to the powerful New England Patriots offense that it did to both the Chiefs and the Raiders.

……and, finally, the great Vince Lombardi, always attired in “suit and tie,” would out-dress, out-smart and out-coach that grumpy guy in the ragged, gray sweatshirt.

I wouldn’t bet on any historic team beating the ’07 Pats, primarily because today’s players are stronger, faster, more studied, and better coached than teams of prior generations.

Not to say the Pats are unbeatable. Far from it: They’ve been very lucky. Heck, the ’07 Giants and ’07 (cough cough) Ravens nearly beat them.

Even the ’07 Dolphins outscored them in the second half (and that’s the Pats continuing to play their top starters).

In the’07 playoffs, I’d give Indianapolis and San Diego (boy, that would be sweet revenge after last season’s hemorrhage!) a good shot against them. I’d even take an even-money bet that the Pats will not win the Super Bowl, cause it’s hard for anyone to win three straight games against the league’s best.

No way are the ’07 Patriots beating the ’89 49ers.

Ronnie Lott would murder Tom Brady, and Randy Moss while he was at it. On offense, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, John Taylor and Roger Craig would have more than held their own in a shootout.

How awesome would it be to pit Brady against Montana, two of the game’s greatest pressure players?

ESPN is playing “what if” games again, trying to pit the 2007 Patriots against the all-time great teams. I think they’re doing this to get the Big Tuna more air time before he leaves for his new job. Isn’t fitting that a Tuna is leading the Dolphins, since they’re both caught together and made into yummy sandwiches?

The only team that could beat the Patriots are the 1998 Denver Broncos. With John Elway, Terrell Davis and a small, quick line, the Broncos would keep the ball away from Brady and the Pats.

Mike Shanahan is kryptonite to the Patriots. His teams are 9-2 against the Pats and 5-2 against Beli-Cheat. The 2005 Broncos were the first to beat Brady and the Patriots in the playoffs.

There you have it, the only way to beat the 2007 Patriots is with the 1998 Broncos. Break out Madden, play the game, and you will know the truth.

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