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It’s been a crazy week in the sports world. Oregon State upset USC. The Brewers snuck into the playoffs despite a late-season firing of Ned Yost. The Mets collapsed again. The Broncos lost to the Chiefs.

What was most surprising to you?

Wow, this sure has been a crazy week. So crazy, in fact, that I’m going to talk about something that didn’t surprise me: Oregon State “upsetting” USC.

How could you not see this coming? I’ll give you three reasons why this wasn’t an upset:

1. USC just came off of a big win over Ohio State. They weren’t concentrating on Oregon State.

2. Oregon State upset USC before (In 2006).

3. Oregon State’s mascot is the Beavers. USC is the Trojans. The Trojan horse was made of wood. Beavers eat wood. Need I say more?

The biggest shock of the past week was turning the calendar and seeing October instead of Rocktober. What happened? Where did it go? I thought the Rockies trademarked the name so it would be on calendars.

I watched the tiebreaker game the other night and was severely disappointed the local nine would not be involved in the playoffs.

Last year was tremendously fun, while this year stood in stark contrast to that magical run.

This season was frustrating and resembled a 14-year-old learning to drive a stick shift; a lot of herky-jerky starts and stops. The team never got going just like teenagers stall manual transmissions and grind gears.

Alas, playoff baseball is missing in Colorado, but at least the Broncos are doing well. They played possum last week against the Chiefs so they wouldn’t have the extra pressure of playing in the Super Bowl with an undefeated record.

Mike Shanahan thinks of everything.

The biggest surprise in the sports world this week?

Well, I suppose no one should really be surprised when the undefeated Broncos lose to the downtrodden Chiefs at Arrowhead …

And for someone whose favorite teams are UCLA and whoever’s playing USC, it’s always 8:47 (13-to-9, the score of the Bruins’ defeat of USC that kept the Trojans out of the BCS championship).

So, to me … the biggest surprise was the Giants didn’t have a chance to knock the Dodgers out of the playoffs for a change ” thanks to an el foldo by the D’backs vs. St. Louis.

And the Mets’ collapse was “deja vu all over again” in Yogi-speak, so the Bums get to take on the 100 Year Old Cubbie Curse of the Goat.

Now, if D-Lowe takes Game 1, and … well, that’s next week’s surprise.

College football in general seems to be picking up where it left off last year with a bunch of crazy upsets this week.

The biggest upset obviously had to be Oregon State beating USC. Everyone expected USC to waltz through what seemed to be a weak Pac-10 schedule (considering up to that point the Pac-10 was 0-5 vs. the Mountain West).

Beyond the USC-Oregon St. game, there was also Mississippi taking down the Florida Gators in the Swamp, and lowly Michigan beating Wisconsin. And, while Alabama’s victory over Georgia might not have been a huge upset, the 31-0 start was certainly surprising.

Finally, there were crazy losses by Wake Forest to Navy, ECU to Houston (a team beaten just the week before by Colorado State, a team that will probably finish in the bottom of the MWC), and Clemson to Maryland. Then there was also a near-upset of Auburn by a Tennessee team that couldn’t beat UCLA.

It was certainly a crazy week, but one I loved since my BYU Cougars were able to jump into the top 10.

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