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The Tampa Bay Rays are going to win the World Series this year.

The Phillies are old and slow, and the Rays are young and energetic. Plus, the Rays beat the Red Sox in an ALCS elimination game, a feat that had not happened in the history of playing a seven-game series in the ALCS.

Who did the Phillies beat in the NLCS? The Dodgers, a team whose best player, Manny Ramirez, was deemed expendable by the Red Sox.

Another reason that the Rays are going to win is this is a sign from God. For all of you out there who say that God doesn’t care about baseball when the game gets intense and somebody starts praying, this World Series is for you.

It is no mere coincidence that the Rays are in the World Series the year after dropping the “Devil” from their names. God does care about sports, and when the Rays win the World Series all you cynics out there are going to owe some intense fan an apology.

Also, the Phillie Phanatic looks like a Dr. Seuss character.

Even though everyone is probably rooting for the Rays, I would like to see the Phillies win it, with Brad Lidge (a Colorado boy from Cherry Creek) picking up several saves along the way.

It’s been great watching what the Rays have done this year with so much young talent, especially on their pitching staff and in one of the toughest divisions in baseball.

I won’t mind at all if they win it.

The World Series commences this week, but it’s hard to get excited over the Phillies and the Rays.

This series pits two perennial losers against each other. The Rays have never had a winning season until this one. The Phillies have lost the most games in the history of baseball and have only one championship in over 100 years. Excuse me while I yawn.

The Rays confuse me. Are they an animal, a beam of light, or an homage to Ray Charles, Liotta, or Kroc? You can count me as the exception to saying, “Everyone loves RAYmond.”

The Phillies remind of a horse or cheese-steak. Originally, they were the Quakers, who are famous for pacifism, brotherly love, and oatmeal. The name Phillies is actually a shortened version of the Philadelphia Philadelphias.

Wow, people weren’t too creative when they came up with that one.

So, in the battle of the biggest losers with the lamest nicknames, I pick the Rockies to win. With the Broncos season going south, I’ve already entered denial mode and refuse to believe the Rockies are out.

The last time we visited the Tampa Bay Rays (formerly known as the bottom-feeding Devil Rays), we concluded that dropping the “Devil” from their name was sufficient to overcome the Evil Empire and make the playoffs.

Turns out, banishing the fallen angel was good for ALDS and ALCS wins as well, and thanks to the “Now, it counts” All Star idiocy of Bud Selig, the Rays even get to start the World Series at home.

Will they win it?

If it comes down to a battle of mascots, the Phillie Phanatic prevails.

But once again ” as happened to the Rockies last year ” winning the pennant quickly (Phils in five over my beloved Bums, while Red Sox nearly pulled off another amazing comeback) penalizes a team by cooling off their bats and throwing them off schedule.

So, make the devil sit on a tack. Rays in six.

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