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Considering how well we’ve done in the past, this year’s forecast looks good.

The Olympian Anthony will always pull through for Colorado, likes he’s done in the past. This year I can see the Nuggets going pretty far and taking down as many teams as possible!

Go Nuggets!!!

The Denver Nuggets embark on another roller coaster of a season. They open without star forward Carmelo Anthony (suspension) and lost Marcus Camby to a perplexing trade.

Experts and local writers are forecasting doom and gloom for the Thug-gets. Most of them don’t believe they will even make the playoffs.

Being the homer that I am, I disagree. I think the departure of Camby actually helps the team. He was an offensive liability and could not defend the post.

Iverson is in a contract year and will play with the passion that was legendary from his Philly days. Carmelo will continue to improve and finally emerge as a true leader. Nene, K-Mart, and J.R. Smith will have solid seasons if they stay healthy.

The biggest question mark is George Karl. If he returns to his Furious George style, the Nuggets will improve, make the playoffs, and even win a series or two. If Karl is passive, choosing to be a spectator to the games while perching himself on the scorer’s table, the Nuggets will live up to the experts’ predictions.

Until they learn to play some defense, the Nuggets can look forward to ending their season early when the regular season ends.

Denver plays in the toughest conference, and most teams that make the playoffs play at least some sort of defense. The ones who win championships definitely play defense.

Perhaps the Nuggets can upgrade their “Kleenex” defense to a “Brawny paper towel” defense this year. They’ll need something extremely absorbent with the mess of points they give up.

The Nuggets are going to be bad. With the team now “focused” on defense, the season was looking up.

Then, the Nuggets’ front office, in a brilliant strategical move, traded away their best defensive player, (former NBA defensive player of the year) Marcus Camby.

Next, in an almost as brilliant strategical move, they failed to re-sign the other player on the Nuggets who rebounded and played defense last year, Eduardo Najera.

The Nuggets are going to get scored on this year like more than last year’s Nuggets (If you can imagine). Bottom line: no playoffs for the Nuggets until they get some players who can play defense.

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