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The BCS, or Bull C*^$ System, is a joke. Even president-elect Obama understands it needs to be fixed.

Using computers to determine the national champion is preposterous. Why not let a representative from the schools play College Gameday on Xbox to determine the bowl games instead? It seems about as absurd as the BCS. Plus, those slacker college students could conceivably contribute millions of dollars to their schools. Would colleges then offer scholarships to bring in blue-chip gamers to ensure top spots in the BCS? It could open a new level of recruiting.

In all honesty, some kind of playoff should be held for the top eight teams in the nation, but with no predetermined conference champion spots. Those teams should play a three-week tournament where each game is held as one of the bowl games.

The national championship could rotate among the seven bowls needed for this.

Either way, residents of Colorado won’t care too much. We’re a pro football state.

Go Broncos.

Everyone seems to think that a playoff is the answer for college football, but I’m probably one of the few who disagree. The real pull of college football that gets people like me to watch each week so fanatically is the fact that every single regular season game means so much. By going to a playoff, college football would lose that pull.

Just look at college basketball. No one pays attention to it during the regular season. The only time anyone pays attention and actually watches the games is during the NCAA Tournament.

Going to a four-team or eight-team playoff wouldn’t end the controversy anyway. It would just bring the controversy to who should get the last playoff spot. Then there would be calls to expand the playoff until you end up with a 64-team tournament like basketball where every William and Mary makes the playoffs.

Besides, one of the greatest things about college football is all the debate that is fostered by the current system. If they were to change it, thousands of sports analysts would lose their jobs because there wouldn’t be a BCS dog to beat every day.

And, in times of economic downturn, we wouldn’t want to lose all those sport analysis jobs. If we did, we might have to have another government bailout for ESPN.

Fortunately, I had actually heard of the BCS “mess” before Jeff Caspersen sent me this e-mail, so I’ve actually thought about this.

I would fix the BCS “mess” by doing what our president-elect is suggesting: playoffs.

I would still have bowl games, just not for the BCS. I would take the top eight teams in the country and have them fight it out. It would add more games, but that’s a good thing.

The NCAA would make money, the viewers would be happy and we wouldn’t have this mess in the Big 12.

Everybody wins!

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