SPORTS PANEL Camby trade: What’s your take? |

SPORTS PANEL Camby trade: What’s your take?

More like: What were they smoking? Obviously, they feel the chances for their team as constructed making it beyond the first round is a pipe dream, so it’s time to dump salary.

But giving away a defensive presence like Camby? So they can MAYBE swap second-round picks in two years? When second-rounders rarely even make the roster?

Better check what’s in the pipe.

The move to basically give Camby away for free makes me no longer want to be a Nuggets fan. This is the stupidest move I have ever seen.

Denver decided that it no longer wanted the only guy who plays defense on the court, who is also the only law-abiding citizen. Why would you want someone like that on your team when you can instead have a bunch of thugs who are so concerned by their own personal offensive stats and reputations that they cannot pull their heads out of their you-know-what and play like a team and get past the first round of the playoffs?

Heaven forbid we try to get rid of deadbeat Kenyon Martin or try to get a true point guard who enjoys passing the ball.

Way to go, Nuggets. At least before you were making the playoffs. With moves like shipping Camby, that won’t be a common thing.

Another savvy move by the Rich and Creamies.

It makes complete sense to dump the only defensive presence that you have on the roster. To do what? Save some cash and get a luxury tax break. Send the 2006 Defensive Player of the Year to a Western Conference foe so you can sign a Pettit-esque gunner (J.R. Smith) with questionable character and drive.

Kudos to Camby for getting off a ship that is sinking faster than Jono’s barge at the top of Cemetery rapid. Boom!

The Denver Nuggets recently traded Marcus Camby for the right to swap second-round draft choices with the Clippers in 2010. At first glance, it seems to be on the level of the Dutch purchasing Manhattan Island for $24 worth of glass bead and trinkets from the Natives.

The deal makes sense for salary cap reasons and for trying to give the Nuggets a new direction. Camby was a great shot blocker, but that was because his teammates were terrible on-ball defenders who let their men drive to the hoop easily. Camby had to bail them out routinely.

Offensively, Camby offered little except jump shots from the top of the key that made every coach cringe watching his form. It was like the Nuggs played 4-on-5 on that end of the floor.

Sadly, the team traded the wrong piece of the puzzle to push it to the next level. George Karl is the one to blame for the first-round exits and needs to go unless he makes significant improvements early next season.

I can’t imagine what the Nuggets were or weren’t thinking when they did a “giveaway” on Camby.

Not only did the Clippers benefit GREATLY, but so did Marcus. He is a “class guy” and a team player who deserves to play where he will be appreciated.

Let’s see what the “Lug Nuts” do next season without his rebounds and blocked shots!!

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