Sports panel: What penalty do you feel the Patriots deserved for the ‘Spy-gate’ scandal? |

Sports panel: What penalty do you feel the Patriots deserved for the ‘Spy-gate’ scandal?

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I feel that the penalty assessed to coach Belichik and the Patriots was fair and deserved. The fine was the largest ever handed out by the commissioners office to a team or individual, and the draft pick will affect them next year. Im sure to some degree, all or at least most of the teams in the NFL do some spying to gain a competitive edge. This being said, if the Patriots were to go down this path again or if more evidence from this event were to surface, I believe coach Belichik should be suspended indefinitely. This type of punishment hopefully would be a major deterrent toward future scandals and protect the integrity of the game.

When I heard about the Patriots Spygate, I was reminded of the recently discovered news that the 51 Giants of Bobby Thomsons Shot-heard-round-the-world fame (The Giants win the pennant! ad infinitum by Russ Hodges) were stealing Dodger signs with binoculars from the hand-operated outfield scoreboard. For those unschooled in ancient baseball lore, this hop, skip and leap-off home run completed a comeback by the hated Jints from 13 games behind in mid-August to decided the third playoff game, sending the Bums home and the Giants to the Series (where they were torched by, who else, the equally-hated, corporate yes, even then Yankees in Joe DiMaggios last year).As a life-long Dodger fanatic, reminding me of the Giants beating the Dodgers deserves the maximum: Bill Belichick wears a suit and tie instead of his grubby, gray hoodie for the rest of the season.

The Patriots cheating really?With over half a million dollars in fines and a few draft picks taken away, the Patriots have now joined a long list of teams that have cheating written in their books. From Sosas corked bat to Tour De France winner Floyd Landis with performance-enhancing drugs, cheating has been everywhere. But, is the fine handed to the Patriots big enough to prove a point to the rest of the league? If it were my decision, I would have kept the fines and taken the draft picks but I also wouldve suspended Belichick for at least two games, if not more. Cheating is a serious offense, and while I wouldnt suspend him indefinitely I would have kept him out a game or two to show that it is serious and the league is in control.

The New England Patriots did not get a punishment that fit the crime. Yes, Commissioner Roger Goodell levied the largest fine in history against a coach and took away a first round draft pick next year. However, I think the Patriots should suffer more. Every time they are mentioned on national TV, a sound clip of Borat saying, Naughty, Naughty, should be played. No more highlights of the Patriots will be allowed on SportsCenter. Instead, ESPN should show the clip of Shannon Sharpe calling the National Guard to inform them the Patriots are getting killed. As for Bill Beli-Cheat, he should be forced to wear fancy suits to all football functions and be required to carry a Tickle-Me-Elmo with him constantly. Tom Brady should have his newborn son be named Jonathon Edward Thomas Moynahan (his girlfriends last name) or J.E.T. Moynahan. Wait, that one already happened. Well its nice to some progress. Lets get the rest done soon.

Since they had to play the Chargers (my favorite team), I think a good punishment would be to forfeit that game making my beloved Chargers 2-0 instead of 1-1. Bronco fans might not like that though.Perhaps a better solution would be to require the Patriots to give all their opponents a copy of their playbook and defensive signs.

In judging fairness of Goodells decision, compare it to the total scope of cheating prevalent in many facets of our daily lives not just in sports; and, consider that punishment can even depend on the meaning of the word is. Examining total scope is out of the question, so my answer and reason are short and simple.This penalty is naive! The Patriots, with the third-highest franchise value in the NFL, will pay the fines, which are peanuts and overcome the draft choice penalties.Goodell shouldve simply warned coach Belichick in return for the promise they wouldnt do it again! Why so lenient? Early in life I learned to not get too carried away with the wide world of sports.Back in the 70s Superfan Ed Bieler, sportscaster in LA, closed his daily show with Just remember that in the department store of life, sports is after all, only the toy department!

Spying, cheating, trying to get the edge over your opponent has been going on for as long as man has been around. We set rules to follow, but we pretend to either not understand them, or just plain ignore them. You can come up with any excuse you like but if get caught there should be a large enough penalty to discourage this type of activity. Here you have an organization that is one of the best in all of sport, let alone in the NFL, and they had to resort to this. I feel Roger Goodells penalty was just, and I hope that with this fine, as well as the embarrassment, will discourage other clubs of partaking in such activity. If this does not, I think there is only one other way that you can do as a deterrent, and that will be making a fine large enough, and that would be taking away some of their TV revenue away, and that definitely would do the trick.

The coach should be treated like everyone else that doesnt follow the rules; I believe the coach should be suspended. The fine of $500,000 and the loss of the teams first-round draft pick is not a huge punishment for making the NFL look bad. When stuff like this happens, it really does affect the amount of people that are willing to sacrifice their Sundays to watch football. What their team has done is morally and ethically wrong. Ive always thought of the Patriots as a great football team, it is really to bad that they have let down so many of their fans. I dont think a fine of $500,000 is a lot; it is a small slap on the wrists for what they have done.

A modest fine to the franchise, and no more.Actually: Why not make videotaping *legal*? There are many ways in which coaches seek an advantage technological, pharmaceutical, psychological In this high-tech era, a fan with a cell phone could videotape an opponents huddle low-resolution, sure, but its the same crime: just a matter of degree. NFLs video ban mainly intends to guard its precious property rights (to wit: its recent crackdown on streaming-video length on sports Web sites), not prevent cheating.To those who say Well, whats to prevent spies in training camp? Trespassing is illegal, and teams may enforce it. The team can then sue civilly for damages, if a video is distributed.Theres no way a team should lose a draft pick as a commissioners penalty. What if the commissioner just plucked LaDainian off the Chargers roster, as penance? The commissioner should keep the playing-field balanced, not play God.

Bill Belichick is a cheater. Maybe every team in the NFL does it and the Patriots seem to be the only ones that get complaints and got caught, but they cheated.There is no need for stealing signs. Teams need to play their game, a week to prepare for each team and to study film from their games. Why cheat? Doesnt that take away from the satisfaction of the win?I am glad Roger Goodell fined them and took away draft picks, but I think more should have been done. I think they should have had to forfeit the game and have Belichick suspended. That would send a clear message to everyone: Dont cheat, it will not be allowed and teams need to go back to earning wins fair and square.

The penalties were as fair as youre gonna get. The real issue, in my mind, is: Did the Patriots really need to cheat? Look at the players theyre putting out on the field. Tom Brady is stocked like a military base at the receiver positions a rejuvenated Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Dont Stallworth, Jabar Gaffney, Ben Watson. It just aint fair. The Pats made the Chargers a supposed contender look like Notre Dame Sunday night. And the defense, one of the leagues best without intercepted info, completely stifled LaDainian Tomlinson.Fine them, suspend whomever you want. Nothing would have much of an impact. Like it or not (Im in the not category), this team appears tooled to take home a fourth Super Bowl.

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