SPORTS PANEL Who do you think will be in the Super Bowl? |

SPORTS PANEL Who do you think will be in the Super Bowl?

Two weeks into the season and it’s time for Super Bowl picks to see if anyone is a clairvoyant in the valley. Even though I gave my picks several weeks ago, Broncos and Cowboys, I’ll elaborate today.Sunday’s wild game against the Chargers proved the old magic is back at Mile High. It suddenly returned after the DNC and Obama’s acceptance speech. I’m not saying Obama used his powers to rediscover the magic, but the positive energy and enthusiasm of nearly 80,000 spectators did. Think it’s a fluke? Well, look at the history of Mile High Stadium. In 1993, Pope John Paul II visited the stadium and the Broncos went 39-9 at home over the next six seasons from the positive energy and good karma of the event. They won two Super Bowls during that era and cemented their place in history. With Denver’s distinct home-field advantage back and Cutler’s stellar play, the Broncos will dominate the wide-open AFC and beat the Cowboys to exorcise the demons of Super Bowl XII. Thank you, Bronc-Obama.

Oh, this is way too soon. Do we have to make Super Bowl picks already?I’d rather concentrate on the supper bowl and the final week of the baseball season (Go Dodgers!) … but OK. All of a sudden the AFC doesn’t look so strong: Brady’s out, P. Manning loses in the new digs, DOWN go the Chargers! So that leaves … are you ready for some football, Paul Harvey?THE BRONCOS!! And … please not the C’boys, please not the C’boys … uh, don’t think the Jints can do it again … could the Bears bounce back with Horton finds a Who at QB – oh, that’s ORTON?? OK, I’ll go with a combination of Soup and supper – the soup commercial guy, McNabb and the Eagles swoop in and get kicked by the Donks. There, are you happy now?I’m goin’ back to baseball. Go Blue!

Who will win the Super Bowl is not really about analyzing team talent or coaching! It is now, all based upon the “image” of the quarterbacks!Last year was an example of a “classic” game with two exceptionally “class” athletic quarterbacks – the Patriots’ Tom Brady and the Giants’ Eli Manning – who both wore their “billed” sideline caps in the normal, conventional manner as intended.But in terms of values, sportsmanship, high ideals, and especially, IMAGE, the world and sports have changed. Consequently, we must look at how “IN” is it?This year we got three really “IN” quarterbacks – Ben Roethlisberger of the Steelers, Jay Cutler of the Broncos and Tony Romo of the Cowboys. All are “IN” with the “backwards” cap look on the sidelines!On Big Ben, his backward cap looks really goofy … so, the Steelers are out. So, it will be a toss-up between the Broncos versus the Cowboys in the Super Bowl. It will be between the “juvenile” look of Jay and “teeny bopper” look of Tony.In the “vintage years” of sports, before TV, it was all about the fun of competing and playing the game: about how well you did, not how cute you looked. So, it is important to remember: “In (today’s) department store of life, sports is, after all, only the toy department.”

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