Staging your home is a cheap revitalization |

Staging your home is a cheap revitalization

Debra Streit
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Wow, the changes we are experiencing with economy and the housing market, a new president … some big changes.

Going into the spring season people are looking for changes in the look and feel of their home without hurting their pocketbook. Some want to make changes because they’re selling their current home. Others are staying put but want to bring spring in with a new look.

Those who are looking to sell want to know what things they can do in their home that will get them top dollar without spending too much. Those remaining where we are may want some clever ways to make our homes look fresh and modern beyond just the seasonal reaccessorizing.

One inexpensive way to start revitalizing your home is staging. Staging is generally thought of as a process of making your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers. Many items on a professional stager’s checklist are done to raise the appeal of your home for those that may be interested in making it their own.

But why do we tend to do these things in our homes right before we sell it to someone else? Many of these items can be done in your home even if you’re not selling it. Do them for you.

First: De-clutter. You know the old saying ” “If you haven’t used it in a year, you probably don’t need it.” Go through each room and give or throw away those unnecessary items that are taking up room and cluttering up your space.

Second: Make repairs. Repair that closet door that still jams and replace that cracked floor tile that you’ve been looking at for years.

Next: Rearrange furniture for easy “traffic” flow. Assess your furniture and accessories. Do you have too much? Does everything “flow”? Arrange your furniture with plenty of room to walk around and leg room between pieces. Do your accessories complement the room? They should “complete” the room and make you feel happy.

Finally: Paint. Paint is the least expensive way to make a room or your whole house look and feel entirely fresh and new. When deciding on a color for a room, ask yourself how you want the room to feel. Express yourself ” the very popular faux finishes can add another personal dimension. Faux finishes make the surfaces of your walls look like something they are not. By glazing, ragging, sponging or painting stripes you can add depth, texture and drama. Making your walls look like leather, aged plaster or stone. Color and decorative finishes will make your home come alive.

Let’s bring spring in with some positive, revitalizing changes ” de-clutter, repair, arrange and add some color. If you need some help, just give me a shout.

Debra Streit is an interior decorator. She owns and operates Arranging Spaces in Battlement Mesa and the surrounding areas. She can be reached at (970) 985-1100.

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