Stand up against war |

Stand up against war

Dear Editor,

Open letter to senators Campbell and Allard and Representative McInnis:

I urge you to demonstrate the political and moral courage that is required of your high office. Please ignore any short-term political considerations and forcefully stand up for peace! The Bush administration and their allies in congress are cynically substituting loud and repetitive rhetoric and propaganda for hard evidence to gather public support for an unjust and immoral war against Iraq.

Please refuse to be bullied by the administration to a hurried vote in the Senate in support of war against Iraq. Please demand full evidence against Iraq, and ask them why they are shifting the focus from the pursuit of al-Qaida to attacking Saddam. Warn them that a war of pre-emption may encourage other nations to do the same, e.g India vs. Pakistan, China vs. Taiwan, Russia vs. Georgia, etc. All humanity shares a very small, overcrowded and fragile planet. By starting an unjustified, unilateral war against Iraq, the United States would visit tragedy and disaster on the lives of millions of innocent people! Give peace another chance!

Yes, there is a better way:

Let’s try something truly revolutionary! The United States should immediately demand a UN resolution that, along with demanding a full and unrestricted weapons inspection, will fully suspend the UN embargo of all food, medical and other humanitarian shipments to Iraq for 6 months. All such aid is to be be distributed directly and without delay to the Iraqi people by the UN. Saddam Hussein should be put on notice that any interference or obstruction in this distribution will be considered as a hostile act and will be met with swift armed retribution by the UN. Should Saddam refuse, he will certainly incur worldwide outrage and will thereby unify the world community, the United Nations and the American people in a just cause to remove him from power.


Gerry Vanderbeek

Glenwood Springs

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