State Medicaid changes for immigrants are confusing |

State Medicaid changes for immigrants are confusing

Marty Lich

Dear Editor,

After reading the proposed changes in Medicaid under state Senate Bill 176, I have a question.

First, do the legal immigrants already get (if they qualify) assigned emergency Medicaid for their labor and delivery that undocumented illegal pregnant women will now receive? What about under-insured U.S. citizens?

I believe that a legal immigrant is every bit as much a U.S. citizen as the fortunate citizens who were born here. I believe they pay in good faith all of the taxes that natural born citizens do. I also believe that we owe undocumented illegal aliens a free bus or plane ride back to their native home, until they apply to live here legally.

I understand we are facing budget crunches here, and I understand the need for cuts in the state budget. I just am not sure I understand the wording of SB 176 and who will continue to receive aid in Colorado.


Marty Lich


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