State Patrol: Driving, pot do not mix |

State Patrol: Driving, pot do not mix

Glenwood Springs, Colorado CO

DENVER, Colorado – Col. James Wolfinbarger, chief of the Colorado State Patrol, reminded motorists Tuesday that driving while under the influence of marijuana is against the law.

Although Gov. John Hickenlooper has formally added Amendment 64 to the state Constitution legalizing marijuana, motorists can still be penalized if they are driving while impaired by marijuana.

“If you chose to consume marijuana and make the decision to drive, you are taking a huge risk,” Wolfinbarger said.

“Drivers must realize that if you are stopped by law enforcement officials and it is determined that your ability to operate a motor vehicle has been affected to the slightest degree by drugs or alcohol or both, you may be arrested and subjected to prosecution under Colorado’s driving under the influence laws,” he said.

“It is imperative that everyone takes responsibility for public safety when driving on Colorado’s highways,” he added.

Wolfinbarger urged all travelers to designate a sober driver prior to celebrating this holiday season.

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