Statements about immigrants have little basis in fact

Kevin Meyers

Dear Editor,

I feel compelled to respond to Marc Richardson’s angry and biased letter of Sept. 14.

It is unfortunate that some residents in this valley still hold such views. Throughout history, different people have played the role of scapegoat for society’s ills. Jews, blacks, Irish, Germans, Chinese – these are just a few in the United States.

Hispanics, and Mexicans in particular, currently play the role, especially in the West and Southwest, and that’s a shame.

Almost daily I hear people attacking Hispanics and Mexicans with generalized statements that certainly don’t apply to all.

“They are taking our jobs.”

“They all drive drunk.”

“Most car accidents involve Mexicans.”

“They are all here illegally.”

Mr. Richardson states many things that he apparently feels are facts, but can give no basis for them.

The Mexicans (Mr. Richardson says “immigrants,” but I assume he means Mexicans) who are my neighbors strike me as hardworking, decent people with a strong sense of family. Most are just trying to make a better life, while taking jobs that most white people don’t want anyway.

Are they saints? Are they all perfect people? Of course not. Some are better than others, a statement that holds true across all groups.

My question to Mr. Richardson is: Why are you so angry?

Kevin Meyers

Glenwood Springs

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