Stay on the detour; it’s fastest |

Stay on the detour; it’s fastest

A full week into the Grand Avenue bridge detour through Glenwood Springs, traffic delays are pretty much what we thought they would be, so if you are going to take the detour, here are some updated tips:

Detour merge points: The merge points seem to be working during the afternoon rush.

Eastbound mornings: When exiting I-70 eastbound at Exit 114, there are two lanes available on the exit ramp. Both lanes continue through the roundabout to Devereux Road, where the merge point is located. Please fill both lanes, which will help prevent backups on I-70.

Northbound afternoons: Don’t merge early — the detour will run better if the merge points are used properly.

Midland Avenue, 27th to Eighth: Using Midland may seem like a way to bypass the detour, but it actually takes longer. Traffic on Midland north of 27th Street usually sees gridlock about 2:30 p.m. By gridlock, I mean bumper-to-bumper traffic creeping down the road. One motorist told me it took 1.5-hours to go from 27th to Eighth Street. Gridlock and delays are also waiting for you on all of your favorite “shortcuts,” such as County Road 154 from Buffalo Valley to 27th, South Grand between 23rd and 27th, Blake Avenue and the west side between the high school and Eighth Street. Staying on the detour route is turning out to be quicker and less stressful than any “shortcut” you try to take.

RFTA Hogback Route: RFTA buses are filling up consistently at the downvalley park and rides, and RFTA is accommodating all riders wishing to go to Glenwood. Remember, RFTA saves money, saves time and provides predictable travel times through Glenwood.

City and RFTA trails: I commute to the project site on my bike, and more than 200 people are joining me during the rush hours every day. Everyone using the Rio Grande Trail seems to be in a pleasant state of mind, and trail manners are for the most part being followed. Remember, when you are on the trails, let people know you’re there before passing by ringing your bell or announcing yourself (“on your left”). With fall weather upon us — pack a raincoat or an extra layer.

Best time to head out: If you’re headed toward the detour, the traffic is light before 5:30 a.m. and dies down somewhat after 9:30 a.m. Northbound in the afternoon, traffic fills up Grand to the merge point at 27th Street about 3:30 p.m. and doesn’t seem to slow down until after 7 p.m. Midday traffic on the detour is steady and slow, so be sure to take extra time whenever you use the detour route. Don’t be afraid to circulate around town for lunch.

Visit downtown: Consider taking yourself, your friends and your family downtown frequently during the detour. The shops and restaurants will certainly appreciate your business.

Project status: Deconstruction of the old Grand Avenue bridge is moving along well. Crews have deconstructed the deck and girders over Seventh Street, the railroad and the river. Deconstruction is anticipated to take about another week or 10 days to complete. Next, the bridge piers at Seventh Street will be constructed. The girders for the new bridge are expected to start arriving at the beginning of September.

Got a question, concern or want to tell us about a bad spot along the detour? Call or text us at 618-9897 or email us at

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