Still waiting for soccer bag’s return

Laura Jackson

Dear Editor,

On Monday, March 31, at the Glenwood Park soccer field, my son forgot a black Adidas soccer bag after practice. Partway home, he returned to get it. The bag and all of the contents were labeled with his name and phone number. They were all gone from the park.

Our dear coach called the other coaches who practiced there to see if they had retrieved it while picking up after their teams. No one had. I posted lost posters all around the soccer park with a photo of the soccer bag, our phone number and offer of a reward. No response.

Every parent knows those tears of a child who has lost a special item. We tell our kids to leave the treasured item at home, but kids get distracted, forget and misplace things.

Yet a “found” treasure is not to be kept. It needs to be returned to the owner, or it is stealing. When our children come home with a new possession, we as parents need to do a little research. If a name has been inked out, if our child claims he just found it, or a friend gave it to him, or so-and so didn’t want it any more, we need to be sleuths and verify that this is really the case.

We are still seeking the return of the black Adidas soccer bag and all of its contents. We still offer a reward. We still believe that honesty in our neighborhoods prevails. It is a good thing in life to look each other in the eye and say, “We did what was right.”

Laura Jackson

Glenwood Springs

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