Stink bomber hits halls of GSHS |

Stink bomber hits halls of GSHS

Andrea Collier

There is a particular odor one smells as one makes his or her way down the halls of Glenwood Springs High School between classes. Six hundred or so bodies moving at a breakneck pace tend to produce some sweat, but that’s not all I smell as I walk to my locker. Food, lotion, the occasional chemical smell of a chemistry experiment gone horribly wrong, and a whiff of extremely strong aftershave in hopes of impressing the ladies all drift in the air. Scientists say that smells have the power of conjuring up nostalgic memories. I’m sure you all have olfactory memories from your school days, but 20 years from now, when the aroma of sulfur wafts its way across the airwaves to my nose, I’ll remember my freshman year and the mysterious stink bomber that plagued the halls of GSHS. This week we’ll start off with some old news before moving on to the new stuff. The GSHS speech team had a great showing at the Battle Mountain speech meet on Saturday, Oct. 12. Siam Luu took third in overall debate, and both Seth Smith and Forrest Lowell garnered superior ratings in debate. Caitlin Barnes also participated in debate and received an excellent rating. This year’s annual College Night is at Roaring Fork High School at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 23. More than 30 colleges and universities from Colorado and nearby states will be represented for a chance for juniors and seniors to talk to an actual admissions officer. I suggest bringing your parental units too!Governance Council meets on Wednesday, Oct. 23, as well. The meeting starts at 5 p.m. this week, instead of the usual time, and will be held in the Media Center.This week’s students of the week deserve a round of applause. Juniors Tessie Tracy and Arturo Lomeli were nominated for their enthusiastic participation on the Booster Club “Spirit Bus” to the Steamboat Springs football game last week.Tessie has lived in this beautiful valley her entire life with her parents, Kirk and Sandy, and her sister Teghan, who’s in college right now. She also wants to make sure I don’t forget her dog and cat, Buck and Petunia, because after all, where would we be without our pets?Tessie is a member of three different sports teams, and happily switches back and forth from a cheerleading uniform, to a volleyball jersey, and to a tennis skirt. Speaking of cheerleading uniforms, she tells me that something she’ll always remember is “seeing Cody Brickell in a cheerleading skirt” as part of the Homecoming festivities. Tessie wants to study psychiatry in college and is learning Spanish so she can study abroad in Spain someday. She credits her dad with her favorite saying: “Love many, trust a few, and learn to paddle your own canoe.” Folks, it doesn’t get much better than that.Arturo is a repeat offender for student of the week, and has lived here with his parents Guillermo and Elisa and eight siblings for more than 10 years. “They’re the best family in the world!” he told me.”But sadly,” he added, “I don’t have any pets.” It’s okay Arturo, many have gone petless before you.Arturo loves to play basketball, and can usually be found at the Community Center practicing his skills or playing pick up in the gym. In fact, his favorite memory of his years at GSHS is having his basketball coaches say to him, “You made the team!”Arturo hopes to play ball in college, and is planning on pursuing a professional basketball career. He says that he wants to play “against the best players in the world.” Congratulations Tessie and Arturo for being this week’s students of the week!This week’s Random Disclosure is extremely random. There is a mysterious fuzz taking over the outdoor light sockets at the front door entrances. Scientists have yet to discover its origin.As the Prince of Bel Air said in his opening rap, “Smell ya later!”

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