Stop the insanity: Rein in Bush |

Stop the insanity: Rein in Bush

Dear Editor,

Has anyone noticed lately that President Bush seems to be losing his mind?

I was a little unnerved by his rash and violent response to Sept. 11, and even more nervous when he started talking about “getting the Evil ones.” I was able to laugh off his “Axis of Evil” proclamation as the rantings of an overzealous comic-book cowboy. But when he started talking about invading Iraq, I thought surely other Americans would hear the alarm bell and wake up in time to speak out against his ludicrous plan. Alas, there was barely a peep.

Now, I watch in utter disbelief as the comic book cowboy has turned into the dangerously powerful madman plotting to take over the world. He has given the CIA orders to “take out” Saddam Hussein, the official leader of an officially recognized country on planet earth, and no one seems to be batting an eyelash! Not Rep. Sen. John McCain, who on “Face the Nation” endorsed the idea of ousting the old regime in Iraq. Nor Dem. Sen. Joe Biden, who said that he’s behind the plan as long as it works; otherwise we could be in big trouble. Uh. Yeah!

Doesn’t anyone realize that the entire reason America was attacked on Sept. 11 was because of the arrogant attitude and meddling actions of the U.S. government? Now our president is accelerating the very campaign that provoked the hatred that led to the horrors of Sept. 11.

And who do you think is going to pay for the sins of the U.S. government?

Not the government, but the American people!

Put aside the inevitable consequences, and the idea itself is still ethically wrong, besides being just plain crazy. If you don’t think President Bush’s order to eliminate the leader of Iraq is complete insanity, try looking at it from the other side. What if the leader of an Arab country decided that because the United States “might use deadly weapons against them” he should give orders to sneak in and kill President Bush in order to oust his evil regime? Would that be insanity?

How about if you own a gun and your neighbor suspects you of plotting to harm his family. Would it be OK for him to sneak into your house and kill you? Hey, if it doesn’t look so good on a small scale, then it’s not good on the large scale either. In fact, it’s downright wrong on any level to kill someone because you fear they might hurt you. That is not what America is about, and we as citizens should vehemently oppose every one of our obviously unbalanced president’s totalitarian actions.

Yes fellow Americans, it’s time to wake up from your prescription tranquilizer induced stupor and take notice of what the government of your country is doing, else you will surely find yourselves in an Orwellian nightmare of unimaginable horror.

Sue Gray


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