Stop trespassing, asparagus pickers |

Stop trespassing, asparagus pickers

Dear Editor,

Open Letter to asparagus pickers:

Awhile back I saw an old acquaintance out walking on Silt Mesa. I stopped and we chatted. A family drove by in a red SUV. She commented flatly, “Asparagus pickers.” She was right. I had seen them earlier at a different location doing just that.

She said she hated to see them come. She said they come right into the yard to pick it. Needless to say she does not appreciate this. Who would?

We chatted awhile more, and as I drove off she resumed her walk. As I came around the bend, guess what! There in her yard was a guy with a long ponytail (I put this in for purposes of self-identification), belonging to the red SUV, picking asparagus. Again – this is in HER yard!

I couldn’t help but wonder what sort of message this conveyed to his small offspring watching his dad trespass and steal. It may be only asparagus, but there is plenty alongside the road. They did not appear to be starving and destitute enough to explain the thievery and trespassing.

Not all those who love to pick asparagus feel it is OK to steal it out of someone’s yard, but rather simply take advantage of what nature has provided in the bar ditches and other common areas. For those of you who seem to have had a rather careless upbringing please note: Going across fence lines – even if the fence is down – to pick asparagus is trespassing and stealing. Now you know.

Juanita R. Williams

New Castle

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