Straight up the PI’s nose |

Straight up the PI’s nose

Dear Editor,

I have a response to the “Editor’s Note” at the end of my letter published in the Sunday, Sept. 1, edition of the Post Independent criticizing Sheriff Dalessandri’s strange rendition of “serve and protect.” That note allowed “the sheriff’s political affiliation had nothing to do with the decision to publish the two letters together.” Yeah, right.

The media, Post Independent included, loves to skewer people and pat themselves on the back while that poor soul is swinging in the wind. Something about journalistic duty to expose the truth with the chips falling where they may!

No, I can’t remember the Post Independent ever being so accommodating to Sheriff Vern Soucie, Scott McInnis, any of the three Republican Commissioners, etc. – you get my drift. But then I can’t remember any local elected official of any political stripe demonstrating the arrogant disregard for the lives and safety of citizens which was the case here, to say nothing of then “justifying” it.

I’ll give Heather McGregor, the relatively new managing editor, the benefit of the doubt and assume that the “delay to protect” policy is hers, and that it will apply across the board. So will a Republican – anyone, anytime – please screw up big time? (Having been one, I can certainly attest that it is possible!)

I don’t want you jeopardizing anyone’s’ lives or safety as this still-employed deputy did, but let’s try to find out if the Post Independent does a better job at “delay to protect” than Sheriff Dalessandri does at “serve and protect.”

Thanks for listening.

Bob Richardson

Glenwood Springs

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