Streamlining gas regs plays to corporate greed

Bob Utesch

Dear Editor,

A recent letter attempts to present an argument for “streamlining” the regulation process for gas development. I notice that the return addresses was from Grand Junction – safely removed from the south of Silt “national energy sacrifice zone.”

Will someone please tell me just where in Garfield County there is any gas development (other than a few acres on the Roan Plateau) that is being “held up because of overly restrictive regulations and overly zealous environmental groups”?

Drillers in our part of the county can punch holes in the ground wherever they want, whenever they want. The only thing holding them back is a limited number of rigs and skilled crews.

How can you have less public involvement when none is allowed already? The oil and gas commission (COGCC) never turns down drilling permits or down-spacing requests from industry.

All this has nothing to with “strengthening America’s economy and security.” It has everything to do with corporate greed. This industry is one of the richest in the world and can do a better job of mitigating damage done to private lands. The few crumbs they toss our way represent such a small part of their profits that it is insulting.

This land is being sold down the river for a few years worth of cheap energy. Once the gas is gone, we’ll be stuck with the mess and nothing but memories of the beauty that was here before.

Bob Utesch

South of Silt

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