Strickland, Allard, stick to the issues |

Strickland, Allard, stick to the issues

Dear Editor,Open letter to Senator Wayne Allard and Senate candidate Ted Strickland: The ads both of your campaigns have been running are an insult to the intelligence of the voters of this state. The half-truths, innuendoes, and out-of-context statements you have been accusing each other with prove absolutely nothing to the voters of this state. As it now stands, I would not vote for either of you.Gentlemen, it is past time to stop this type of useless campaigning and state your stands on the issues facing our State and Nation.How will you represent the voters of this state on the following issues?International issues:-Do you support attacking Iraq?-How long do we leave our troops in Afghanistan? How much financial support do we give Afghanistan? Where does the money come from to support the Afghan people?-Where do you stand on Iran?-Explain to the voters your stance on Israel and the Palestinians? How will you vote on the American response to the many problems in that part of the world? Do you support Israel or do you support the Palestinians in their battle against each other? Do you have any proposals to end the needless bloodletting in the Mideast?National issues: -Do you support or oppose tax increases? -If you are not in favor of tax increases, how do we control the national debt?-What programs do you propose and explain the programs you support to suppress terrorism and improve Homeland Security?-What programs will you propose or support to improve our economy?-How do you stand on legalizing marijuana?-What is your stance on the war on drugs? Can we do more to control the use of illegal drugs and the related crime problems in our State and Nation? -How can we make our airlines safer for the traveling public? Who pays for airline security? State issues: -How much federal assistance do you support for the states for roads, education, Medicare, Medicaid and the other federal programs the states must finance? Where will the money come from?-What are your programs for health insurance for all residents of this state?-What are your feelings on opening up the forest and the wilderness areas to logging to prevent forest fires?These are only some of the many important issues facing the residents of Colorado and the rest of the Nation. Let’s hear how you feel about the issues and not how you dislike your opponent. Give me a reason to support you and your campaign. Stop the negative ads attacking each other, and get to the business of campaigning for the United States Senate.To contact the candidates:Senator Wayne Allard:; US Senator Wayne Allard, 300 W. Plaza Drive #100, Littleton, CO 80129; (303) 683-6670; FAX (720) 344-2561Tom Strickland:; Strickland for Colorado, 301 E. 57th Ave., Suite F, Denver, CO 80216; (303) 297-2002; FAX (303) 296-7711.Sincerely, Joe O’Donnell

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