Summer is why we have kids |

Summer is why we have kids

Dear Editor,

Recently, I attended a child’s birthday party and heard a comment that I must respond to.

As sugar-buzzed kids swarmed around the yard getting wet, jumping, yelling, etc., a frazzled mother said, gritting her teeth, “Screw summer, I can’t wait for school to start.”

For kids, summer is the only time when kids can be kids.

Summer is lemonade stands and sticky faces. Summer is wearing your bathing suit to bed with straggly hair.

Summer is S’mores, Popsicles, fat, drippy ice cream cones, and all things sugar.

Summer is sprinkler jumping, backyard camping, tree climbing, knee-scraping, secret clubhouse making, tag at twilight time.

Summer is for squishing toes in the mud, throwing rocks in the river, catching frogs, digging in sand, watching clouds roll by and diving for quarters in the pool.

You’re not doing summer right unless you’re windswept, grubby, bruised, chlorine-smelling, and have a great big watermelony smile plastered on your face.

Summer is why we have kids.

Kids will have plenty of time to be scrubbed, forced to “stay in the lines” and “don’t ask questions just follow the rules,” but for now, they have summer.

So to that cranky mom I say, let summer embrace you – and in the meantime, suck down a big `ole Slurpee. It does wonders for the soul.

Tonya Wernsmann


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