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Support Burning Mountains Fire District

Dear Editor,

I would like to disagree with the letter that was written by Ross Talbott about ballot issue 5A for Burning Mountains Fire District. I think it would be a major mistake not to pass this mill levy increase. The department needs paid staff and better equipment, not just for the firefighters but for the fire district and the persons who live within it.

Realistically, take a look at our neighboring departments and what they have to offer their taxpayers (paid staffing, vehicles, equipment, bunker gear, etc.). It’s surely not because their districts are bigger and the population is greater. It’s because their taxpayers appreciate all the endless hours of commitment these men and women dedicate themselves to do for their benefit.

Yes, you are correct, “there are mutual aid agreements,” but that’s exactly what they are – aid – useful only if they are available to give it to us. This, without exaggeration, takes up to 30 minutes for a response. Their first commitment is their own district and taxpayers.

Much of this department’s equipment does not meet National Fire Prevention Association standards. Up until the board hired a chief to manage, oversee, and bring things to date, many firefighters did not have suitable protective gear that fit, let alone meets these NFPA standards. What about the fire trucks?

As far as personnel goes, get your facts straight. Another statement you wrote was the “Chief having access to department records.” Do you not have access to records for your businesses? If not, how does your business function and survive without having a clue on how, where, or what is or has been going on?

This department for the first time in years is finally going in the direction it should have long ago – forward – just like the growth and population. The firefighters have never asked for much from the patrons they serve, nor have they asked much from the department itself. However, training, gear, and equipment should not have to be begged for. These men and women deserve to receive such a small thank-you that in reality is the biggest thank-you that goes on and on.

I plead with you, the residents of Burning Mountains Fire Protection District, to help us continue to help you. We all deserve it.

Joe Llewellyn

New Castle Resident/Firefighter

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