Support our Troops sign stolen |

Support our Troops sign stolen

Dear Editor,To the person or persons who stole the We Support our Troops from Nola’s Ark Pet Shop fence in Rifle, I really hope you needed the sign more than I do. If you needed it or wanted it that badly, I wish you would have come and asked for it. I would have gladly given it to you. I really hope that you put it up at your home because you have a family member serving in Iraq. If you took it because you felt it was a statement concerning my stance on the war you must not know me, because if you did you would know about what I do for the soldiers. I support them and their sacrifice for us. It doesn’t matter what I feel about the war, that is not the issue here. The issue is I support them, bottom line. So if you have the banner posted for the right reason, Thank You. If you took it because of how you feel about the war and you took it to be mean, shame on you. I hope you have a change of heart and return it.S.O.S. – Support our Soldiers.Cathy MeskelRifleBarrett’s financial dealingsDear Editor,This letter is for those of you who may have read the “Letter to the Editor” concerning the financial dealings of Barrett Energy with Garfield County and failed to read the correction by the Glenwood Springs Post Independent.Mr. Bill Barrett of Barrett Resources was also a stockholder in the Grand Valley Gathering System. This system collects gas from the wells and transports it to a sales destination. Six years after the completion of the gathering system it was discovered that the value had been underreported by $7 million for each of the six years. This matter concerns the valuation of personal property only of the Grand Valley Gathering System.There was also the issue that charges reported for moving the gas through the system had been overstated for the previous six years, thereby lowering the taxes for Barrett. This issue directly involved Barrett Resources.Both of these matters were negotiated just prior to a hearing before the State Board of Appeals. The value of the gathering system went from $750,000 to $8 million. The charge for moving the gas through the system was lowered. Taxes for the previous six years were recovered in both cases.The original “Letter to the Editor” was in response to a Glenwood Springs Post Independent article informing us that Barrett, after leaving Garfield County was now returning and attempting to “build trust.” In doing so we must consider Barrett’s past financial dealings.Ken Call Glenwood Springs

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