Survey data for Garfield Re-2’s social studies review compromised

Westley Crouch
For the Post Independent
MyPillow CEO MIke Lindell joins Sherronna Bishop during a Garfield Re-2 District school board meeting in 2021.
Ray K. Erku/Post Independent

Editor’s note: The original version of this story said the Post Independent reached out to Sherronna Bishop. The email, however, was not yet sent to Bishop.

Survey data from the Re-2 School Board’s Social Studies Standards Review Committee has been compromised.

The review committee said there was evidence that the survey has been shared with people out-of-state and that multiple people appear to have taken the survey multiple times, according to an anonymous source.

The review committee said during the first meeting that the survey data offers no numerical value, yet that there was enough information still contained in the survey to represent thinking around beliefs with the social studies standards. How that information will be used remains unclear. 

The survey was recently put out by the district, asking community members and parents whether the district should adopt either the 2022 Adopted Social Studies Standards, the Revised 2022 Social Studies Standards, or the conservative American Birthright Standard (ABS).

ABS was rejected by the Colorado Board of Education in October 2022.

The survey link was shared through multiple outlets by Re-2, which included emails to friends and family, links in newsletters and posts on social media. It was also shared in previous reporting by the Post Independent.

The Post Independent found that the survey link appeared to be shared by Re-2 Board President Tony May to Sherronna Bishop, also known as America’s Mom. Bishop shared details on her Telegram page talking about how May sent her the survey link.

“Tony sent this out to me,” Bishop said on her Telegram page. “Pls make sure you are taking this survey and spread to your community members too!”

Tony May, Re-2 president

Bishop then posted a picture of her completed survey, followed by, “Guys pls take a moment and complete this!!! I’ve included screenshots of my responses.”

“Pls share to everyone I am calling out names,” Bishop added on Telegram. “And I’m saddened we are still allowing Heather Grumley to operate in rifle after all get (sic) failures and turning on re 2 parents. Tony, Dawn and Britton need our support. I don’t know where Jason is on this, he was clearly beta male white mandates and masks. Can’t imagine he would take a stand for real American history. Your thoughts?”

Bishop famously moved from Silt to Texas in May of 2022, once the FBI began investigating Tina Peters, a former Mesa County clerk caught breaching Mesa County’s election system.

Bishop made a name for herself as Congressional District 3 Rep. Lauren Boebert’s campaign manager. Bishop was associated with Peters during her voting data breach, and is heavily associated with MAGA politics, including having a podcast on Mike Lindell’s Frank TV, called “America’s Mom.”

Bishop’s first posts were on Sept. 1, followed by a 10-minute video on her Facebook page on Sept. 4, mentioning similar statements related to May and the survey. Bishop’s Facebook page is under the name America’s Mom.

On Sept. 5, community member Mae Gray posted a TikTok video, under the screen name Pryncyss, also spreading the survey link to her followers, just as Bishop had done, stating that it seemed like Re-2 Board members were not being objective during this process.

“I shared the survey out of concern for the communities that are eager to follow in the ABS footsteps,” Gray said. “What this has done to Woodland Park is so telling. And that alone raises huge concerns.” 

It remains unclear which of these two events prompted the review committee’s decision to not use the survey data, if any.

When asked for comment on this issue, May kept directing the conversation to Gray’s TikTok video; all while avoiding explaining why Bishop is thanking him for the survey link. Gray’s TikTok video came out a day after Bishop’s Facebook video.

May also claimed he thought Bishop’s posts were related to Re-2’s Telegram page. The Post Independent could not confirm, however, that Re-2 has a Telegram page.

“Bishop can say what she wants to say,” May said. “That’s what she said.”

Asked if May thought Bishop was lying, May responded with, “I’m not saying anything.”

“I saw [Bishop] post on Telegram and that’s where I first saw it… I was told [Bishop] lives in Florida or Texas but I don’t know where she lives,” May said. “I’m not going to get into any of this.”

Re-2 Public Information Officer Theresa Hamilton said that Re-2 is working on a new survey and will work on controlling who can access and take the survey.

Re-2 faced criticism for how the initial survey was collecting data. Previous reporting stated that Re-2 was only collecting the IP address of survey participants.

This is a developing story.

New survey information

Garfield Re-2’s new survey on which social studies curriculum the district should select opens Wednesday, September 27 and closes Wednesday, October 4, according to a Wednesday news release.
The questions of the survey are the same including: what group do you represent, how did you learn about the need for Garfield Re-2 to focus on the formal adoption of Social Studies Standards, select a preference for the standards, and what information would you like Garfield Re-2 to consider moving forward?
Parents, guardians and staff that do not receive an email should, first, check your spam filter for an email from, and second, contact Theresa Hamilton at 970-665-7621. Community members should access the survey through the kiosks at schools or the District Office or contact Theresa Hamilton for a one-time link to the survey.

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