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Taking issue with McInnis’ statements

Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to several statements Rep. Scott McInnis is quoted as making in an article in the Aug. 30 Grand Junction Daily Sentinel. According to the article, McInnis states that evidence is clear both of Saddam’s involvement in the 9/11 tragedy and his current building of weapons of mass destruction. I’m curious how he reconciles this statement with Defense Secretary Rumsfeld’s recent statement to the members of NATO that “The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.”

McInnis continues; “Bush shouldn’t restrain himself for fear of offending Europe or Saudi Arabia.” Does McInnis really think that Bush appears to be paying too much attention to the concerns being expressed by other world leaders? Or is McInnis using this as an opportunity to show Bush that he has the “right stuff” for a job promotion, should Bush be able to steal another election? (Anyone who has doubts that Bush is in the White House as a result of voter fraud in Florida should read Greg Palast’s book “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy” which provides overwhelming documentation of this allegation.)

McInnis says “Ignoring Saddam Hussein is like ignoring cancer.” I find it disingenuous of him to suggest that the world has available only the options of ignoring Hussein or going to war. Iraq did offer to reintroduce weapons inspectors. This offer was quickly shot down by the administration, saying, basically, it isn’t good enough – only regime change will do. Since this is a world problem, how about cooperating with the United Nations? The United States was able to contain the Soviet Union (remember the “Evil Empire?”), which clearly had weapons of mass destruction, for 50 years without going to war. And now we are to believe that Saddam is so dangerous that he must be bombed before the mid-term elections?

McInnis reportedly believes terrorists will be intimidated by American force: “The only thing these people understand is the big gun, the bigger gun, and the biggest gun.” What evidence does he have to support this statement? How big a gun does it take to intimidate someone who is willing to turn his body into a delivery system for a bomb? I often see news reports of Israeli troops, supplied with the best weapons we can provide, fighting rock-throwing Palestinians. The only time I saw the suicide bombings stop was during the years when a peace process was under way.

McInnis goes on: “We owe it to the next generation to not let these weapons be built under our nose.” Finally, a statement I can totally support. I know that McInnis believes bombing Hussein is the best way to protect the next generations from the weapons Saddam “may” have. I assume McInnis is aware that a DNA test revealed that the anthrax (originally blamed on Saddam) was synthesized in the United States. He must also know that Bush has refused to allow chemical weapons inspectors full access to U.S. laboratories, and that there is irrefutable evidence that we have provided significant support in the past to Saddam Hussein, the Taliban, and Bin Laden. The United States is also spending an unprecedented amount of money on new and better weapons of mass destruction. Do you suppose, out of his deep commitment to protect the next generation, (it’s probably that compassionate conservative thing) McInnis will suggest we will have to bomb ourselves?

I’m most upset by McInnis’ statement that the American people deserve an explanation, but not necessarily before taking action. He contends that Bush could speak directly to America immediately after an attack. This President is entertaining an action opposed by most of the rest of the world, is clearly in violation of international law, and which some feel may be flirting with nuclear disaster … and McInnis’ strongest advocacy for me as a voter in his district is that I deserve an explanation the day after? This attitude seems to me like a slap in the face to voters, no matter what their political orientation.

Jim Chenoweth

New Castle

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