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`Tax and spend’ label unfair to Owens

Dear Editor,

Recently a letter was published regarding Colorado Gov. Bill Owens. This letter stated the following: “We have been fried under Owens’ tax and spend waste system for four years too long.”

Well, the facts tell a different story. Under the leadership of Gov. Owens, Colorado citizens have received the largest tax cuts in the history of the state. In fact, $1 billion has been cut from personal income taxes, sales taxes and capital gains taxes. He has also pushed through legislation that brought an end to the marriage penalty in Colorado. These reforms help everyone in Colorado, not just the rich, not just the poor, but everyone.

Under Gov. Owens, public education has been fully funded four years in a row. The education reform plan provided funding with a statewide accountability system that has been hailed as among the best in the nation. These are the facts.

The previous two governors of Colorado, Dick Lamm and Roy Romer, did not cut taxes in this manner, and they did nothing to hold the education system accountable.

They and their party are the title holders when it comes to taxing the people of Colorado. What do you think brought on the so-called Bruce Amendment?

I certainly hope that the person who referred to Gov. Owens as a “tax and spend” governor was simply uninformed. If she were choosing to lie for some sort of political reason it would be a sad commentary on what local politics are becoming.

If she is an official with the Heath campaign or an official with the political party that Mr. Heath is a member of, she should be dismissed for her lie. There is no doubt if this was the case, she would know the facts, and therefore she passed off a blatant lie as fact. We certainly don’t need this type of politics in Garfield County.

I truly hope that this lady is just your typical uninformed voter and that she has no official capacity with the Heath campaign or with his party, not only for the sake and credibility of Mr. Heath and his party, but for the sake of Colorado.

P.S. If you are not registered to vote, please do so. Before you vote, please inform yourself with facts regarding each candidate and the party he or she represents. Don’t vote for someone because your father and mother always voted for members of that party. Get the facts and vote for someone who shares your values. Think for yourself. If you do so, “one nation under God” will still be a part of the Pledge of Allegiance when your great-grandchildren are in school.

God bless America!

Thank you,

Doug Meyers

Glenwood Springs

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