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Teachers dedicated to student achievement

It has been my honor to inform the community of the amazing things Garfield Re-2 Schools, the School Board, the staffs, and the students have done over the past 10 years. Bringing to light the accomplishments of these dedicated people was truly my pleasure.

Creating positive columns gave me the opportunity to constantly be impressed by the creative work done by teachers, every day, to encourage students to give their best.

For my last column, I wanted the teachers to speak for themselves. I gave a variety of Re-2 teachers three questions to answer. The questions were: “What does being a teacher mean to you?”; “What is the best part of being a teacher?”; and “How do you know when a student ‘gets it’?” Here are their answers:

“The best part is the children … their honesty and concrete look at the world. And that they love their teacher …” ” Sheila Allen, first grade, Highland Elementary.

“There are two things I really like about teaching. The first is when you can watch a student puff up with pride because they know they just did something hard, and they did it well. I also love the expression that shines out from the face of a student when they have a new understanding.” ” Joyce Wizer, Rifle Middle School seventh-grade science teacher.

“The best part of being a teacher is the smile the students help put on my face every single day all day long! … what a great honor to be a teacher and what a profession!” ” Eva Pasiwiecz, Roy Moore Elementary physical education teacher.

“I came back to teaching after 10 years of other jobs. I can find personal satisfaction in teaching that I never have found in any other occupation. I love the variability of the days ” no two are ever alike! What is the best part of being a teacher? Knowing that I am a part of the most important profession in the world, and that my colleagues and I are doing good work.” ” Kathy Goodman, Highland Elementary second-grade teacher and Western Garfield County Education Association president.

“Celebrating students’ successes of their personal progress and personal bests nourishes them to discover their own potential. … As a teacher, the best part is awakening the students’ awareness of their gifts and observing them as they accomplish their goals.” ” Deneen Bell, Kathryn Senor Elementary academic coach.

“The kiddos and the amazing professional/personal friends I’ve made over the years. Each and every day I’m a part of a new experience filled with awe, excitement and laughter!” ” Audrey Barrett, Riverside Middle School seventh-grade math teacher.

“Watching a young person’s eyes light up when ” after trying so hard, for so long ” they grasp the concept! Having a former student come back and visit with you ” and tell you how much they appreciate what you did for them!” ” Mike Samson, Rifle High School Senior Seminar, civics and American history teacher.

“One of the best parts of being a teacher for a long time in a small town is the ‘Six degrees of Kevin Bacon’ effect … continually running into former students who have happy families and are contributing to the growth and prosperity of our community.” ” Jack Jabbour, Riverside Middle School eighth-grade language arts teacher.

News from the district will continue, and I’m sure everyone will enjoy reading about the wonderful things being done by and for Re-2 students.

Keep looking for the positive things that children and teachers do every day!

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