Tell it like it is at Westbank |

Tell it like it is at Westbank

Dear Editor,

Who in their right mind would want additional traffic through their neighborhood? The quiet community of Westbank has been in existence for 30 years, encompasses 98 families, and has had one ingress and egress for those 30 years.

The Post Independent article states that Aspen attorney Rick Neiley argued access through Westbank “would save people driving time to Highway 82.” What he did not tell the Post Independent is that only his people (residents, guests, clients, salespeople, fishermen, contractors, etc.) want the use of Westbank access.

No one can drive the other way through Marlin Colorado Ltd.’s Prehm Ranch subdivision to get to Glenwood Springs and Interstate 70. It’s a one-way deal for them, and Westbank takes the hit for an additional 821 vehicles per month allowed by the settlement. Pretty good deal, huh?

It’s not like they are landlocked, as they have access from the north. Regarding “Most of Westbank favors settlement,” the Post Independent needs to look deeper to understand what has happened. Information is available that Marlin Colorado Ltd. and associates would bury Westbank with costly litigation and change their “driveway” to a public thoroughfare through Westbank if we didn’t settle to their demands.

This arrangement is termed a “truce,” as the two attorneys from both sides reported to the Post Independent in your front page article on April 1.

So far, our treasury has been depleted and all homeowners are being assessed additional costs to pay our attorney. The prevailing feeling of the homeowners was that these two issues were serious threats and a settlement was the lesser of two evils, hence the majority vote to settle.

Another error in the article was the Prehm Ranch connection to Oak Lane stopped “just short of Oak Lane.” This is absolutely erroneous as the county road and bridge supervisor witnessed the construction completed from Prehm Ranch through to Oak Lane, and the county attorney was notified of such in early September 2001.

When the Prehm people began using the road last year, we asked the county attorney to issue a cease and desist order until we got things sorted out. He wouldn’t even back his own commissioners’ unanimous vote to decline the road. Nothing happened. We therefore conclude the attorneys are running Garfield County.

The people of Westbank don’t have the capital resources to fight high-powered attorneys and the big money of Marlin Colorado Ltd. Once again the little guy gets trampled. You have to wonder where the county is with their lawsuit to contest the joining of two subdivisions together without approval, and why things have been so quiet with them.

There is much more to this issue than meets the eye, but there is not enough paper stockpiled at the Glenwood Springs Post Independent to print it all. We will test our system of justice on April 8 at the courthouse.

Dave and Rosella Leety

Westbank residents

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