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Terraces residents avoid eviction

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GLENWOOD SPRINGS – Residents of Riverview Terraces building 1 have averted an initial threat of being evicted due to safety concerns.

City building officials let a mid-June eviction deadline slide by because the Terraces Homeowners’ Association has been attempting to tackle structural problems related to the foundation at the site.

“We have extended the deadline until June 30,” Gary Goodell, acting building official for the city, said last week. “We’re expecting to have a definitive schedule for how the association plans on proceeding on building 1 especially; that was the most critical building.”

Buildings 1 through 6 are slowly sinking into the Red Mountain hillside, causing walls to crack and making doors hard to close.

City officials also fear that in building 1 a gas line could rupture or the entire building could collapse.

In May, the city decided that repair permits for building 1 needed to be secured in a month’s time to avoid eviction. It also required that permits be pulled within 90 days in buildings 2 through 6 in order to avoid evictions.

Once repair permits are pulled, the homeowners’ association would have 90 days to complete repairs.

Buildings No. 7 through 12, so far, are considered by the city to be safe and stable.

Since the eviction notices were issued, city officials have met regularly with the association, its attorneys and engineers, Goodell said.

“I’d say things are moving pretty quickly at this point to find out exactly what the status of buildings 1 through 6 is and kind of move on toward solutions,” he said.

“We’re definitely hoping to avoid evictions.”

He said if the association’s attorneys and consultants can show there are no imminent dangers, that would satisfy the city and it would stop pursuing evictions.

Goodell said residents he has talked to haven’t been moving out, but are instead waiting to see what transpires.

“They’re wanting to be apprised of what’s going on as soon as possible and we’re really making every effort to do that,” he said.

He said as soon as the city knew the mid-June date was going to be extended, it put out the word to residents. He anticipates doing that again if another postponement occurs.

Goodell said the deadlines were imposed to avoid letting months go by without the problems at the Terraces being addressed.

“We’re just wanting to make sure things really keep moving,” he said.

He said the deadline can be extended again “if we can see that there’s a definite plan to get some things put together.”

The association already has obtained a permit for “intrusive testing,” to look inside walls to get a better sense of what problems are occurring, Goodell said.

“We just hate to see the place just kind of sit there for months with everybody wondering if there’s going to be a substantial problem or not,” he said.

The city began to investigate structural problems with the Terraces in August 2002 after a resident notified it of problems with building 1.

The building’s developer, Jay Harkins, submitted a remediation plan to the city a few months later, but the plan was rejected as inadequate by the homeowners’ association.

Since then, ownership of the condominiums has changed hands from Harkins – who is now a defendant in a civil lawsuit filed by the homeowners’ association – to the HOA. That has forced the city to deal directly with the association.

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