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Terrorists are dying to be heard

Dear Editor,

I feel it is important to acknowledge that a terrorist is a person who feels utterly drawn to speak out against injustice and oppression. They are dying to be heard. Given the price paid to deliver the message, do you think it would occur if there was an effective forum for venting the grievances? Why would one offer a life if it wasn’t utterly personal? Can Arafat quell the despair of his people any more than the president can make us feel contented about what happened on 9/11? People have an age-old, deep-seated need to be heard!

It has struck me as a huge pity that the United States and Israel walked out of the World Conference on Racism and Slavery early last year. What a valuable asset for justice, humanity, for the world, to sit and discuss these issues that are driving a stake through the heart of civilization. The strife of the past six months could have been completely disarmed had we been capable of truly deep listening at that time. Injustice has been served for so long and humiliation so ingrained into the status quo in Palestine, that the need to be heard and understood is now literally explosive! It’s time to start listening!

The U.N. has created a permanent world tribunal to govern war crimes that is to commence July 1. This will be a valuable environment for the airing of atrocities, and we should give it full support as a vital tool for true world peace and justice. Any peace formed without justice is oppression. We cannot address the causes of terrorism until we stop the war on terrorism. Justice and equality is the only cause worth pursuing for our children’s sake.

We can make the world a hate free zone! It’s not worth sacrificing world peace and a healthy environment for an oil-based energy and transportation system.

Please support the U.N. World Tribunal of war crimes.

Please support alternative energies.

Please stop our war.

John Hoffmann


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