Thanks for enforcing traffic laws, promoting community safety |

Thanks for enforcing traffic laws, promoting community safety

Misty D. Vaden and Brinda L. Johnson-Bland

Dear Editor,

We refute Susan Kirkpatrick’s claim that “Glenwood Springs police need to ease up on Saturday traffic enforcement” and that they “have a program to discourage tourism in the community.” In fact, we intend to thank officer Rainwater personally for issuing tickets to drivers who feel a need to decide for themselves to ignore a stop sign. Our children know what a stop sign is and that it is there for our safety. It is one of the most basic and first facts we learn as a responsible driver.

Ms. Kirkpatrick stated the traffic was light the morning she chose to “briefly stop” at the stop sign. Let us tell you about another individual who also chose to ignore a stop sign, also thinking there wasn’t much traffic on this particular rural road.

Three young men were in a truck on their way to a fun-filled afternoon of duck hunting. Another individual’s choice not to stop at the upcoming stop sign tragically ended the life of two boys and left a third fighting for his life. Was this tragedy worth the time this man thought he was saving on his way to pick up a washer and dryer? How much time were you saving, Ms. Kirkpatrick, with your “brief stop” on your way to your meeting?

We beg of you, Ms. Kirkpatrick, that at every stop sign you encounter from now on in whatever community you happen to be in, that you remember 18-year-old Sam and 12-year-old Ricky, whose lives were cut short at the decision of an individual, much like yourself, to disregard a stop sign. Remember 13-year-old Dan who lost both his older brother and his best friend in an instant, leaving him fighting for his life. Remember the families, relatives and friends who lives have been forever altered.

In closing, thank you officer Rainwater and to all individuals in law enforcement in all communities who continue to be vigilant in upholding the law, thereby protecting lives and promoting safety in our everyday lives.

Misty D. Vaden


Brinda L. Johnson-Bland


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