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`Thanks’ for hitting my parked car

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to thank the person that ended up being a blessing in my life.

Even though I had no idea at the time they would be, they ended up that way.

You see on March 30, 2002, I was at work. I work at the Gun Barrel Square Office Building; my car was the only one in the parking lot. Between the hours of 9 a.m. and noon, whoever drives a white vehicle was not paying attention. Out of the entire parking lot, they choose to park right by the front door, one space to the left of my car. I do not have a problem with that; the problem I have is that they sideswiped my vehicle doing costly damage to the driver’s side of my vehicle. I could have dealt with the other damage you did to the front corner panel, the gas cover, and the scratches up and down the side where the paint from your car is currently located.

One item that I need to drive, you so graciously removed – the driver’s mirror.

This person had no compunction of letting me know, I have no idea if you were a patron of the Burger Works Restaurant or if you work in the building I do.

All I do know is that this person left, not letting me know that they had hit my car. I was already having a bad day and past three days. You see, 24 hours earlier I received word that my adoptive mother had passed away, not to mention several other horrible things going wrong. The last thing I needed at the time was to come out and see the damage done to my vehicle. I did report this to the cops, I will be on constant watch for you, and you will not be missed, unless you ran off to the body shop to have the damage done to your vehicle repaired.

I want to thank you for being so spineless as to do this heinous act and then not so much as leave me a note. You doing what you did was a life-changing accident. I want to thank you for hitting my vehicle and leaving the scene causing that to be the final straw. I do hope and pray that you have the same thing happen to you.

Wendy Sue Lough


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