Thanksgiving is as easy as pie |

Thanksgiving is as easy as pie

Dale Shrull
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
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GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado ” Anita Moulton has made sure that there will be plenty to eat.

Ovens all over town were cooking like crazy on Wednesday. There were pies to be made, because there were people to be fed.

It’s a tradition, and these women don’t let traditions slip one iota.

Lupie Gonzales is baking two pies, Marguerite Miller makes her pumpkin pies from scratch and Tiffany Gonzales, who isn’t related to Lupie, will help out too. She doesn’t think too highly of her baking skills.

She will buy pies. “I need to test them out on me before I make them for other people,” Tiffany, 40, says with a laugh.

The women are all members of the Eagles Lodge Women’s Auxiliary.

Today, for the 26th straight year, the Eagles will hold its annual Thanksgiving Community Dinner at the downtown lodge on Seventh Street.

More than 200 people will sit down to a plate packed with turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries, stuffing and a thick layer of gravy, if they like.

All the fixins ” that’s a given at the Eagles Thanksgiving get-together.

And like any good Thanksgiving dinner ” then there’s pie. Pumpkin pie.

Serving up pumpkin pie to 200 guests takes planning and coordination.

That’s where Moulton takes over. As president of the women’s auxiliary, she starts making calls in October, getting the volunteers lined up.

Even those who have a hard time working that oven contraption.

No one has ever said no. It’s not that Moulton is that demanding, because it’s hard to imagine that the 54-year-old would be capable of brow-beating someone into baking a pie.

The women’s auxiliary, like all the volunteers at the Eagles, always step to the front and center when it comes to the Thanksgiving dinner.

“That’s a big part of it, the give and take of the people. It’s all part of being part of the Eagles,” Moulton said. “People just do their part.”

She’s a 1972 Glenwood High graduate and couldn’t resist giving a “Go Demons!” when being interviewed.

Most of the women will help with baking pies, prepping the food on Wednesday night ” that includes chopping celery for stuffing, mashing a couple hundred potatoes and just helping get ready for the dinner. Then the men of the Eagles take over cooking turkeys, serving the food and cleaning up.

Lupie says she will be home with family on Thanksgiving. But there’s a lot of pride in knowing that there will be lots of people at the Eagles who will get a delicious meal on a special holiday.

“It’s nice to help people out. There’s always people who need a little help,” she said.

At 82, she’s been part of the Eagles dinner for a lot of years.

The dinner is open to anyone who wants a meal. The attendees range from people who can’t make it home for the holiday, to homeless to families who might be a little down on their luck.

The Eagles also deliver Thanksgiving meals to seniors who can’t make it down to the lodge.

It’s a high-calorie, plate full of community spirit.

“This is just too important to not take part,” Moulton said.

“Knowing that people are being taken care of is important. We just make sure people aren’t lost in the frenzy,” Moulton said.

When things settle down and the frenzy of the holiday shuts the door , that’s when the feeling of satisfaction settles in on Moulton. Knowing that a couple hundred people had a place to go, had a good meal, and polished it off with a hardy slice of pumpkin pie ” that’s why she takes part.

She says it’s really no big deal. It’s the team effort that makes it easy. But that’s just how the Eagles members operate she says.

Doing their part, being part of the community, not saying no ” Moulton says it’s never hard. It’s never too much work.

Today, there will be a couple hundred thankful people, who enjoyed a plentiful Thanksgiving meal. On Thanksgiving everyone should have something to be thankful for.

Next year, who knows, maybe Tiffany will be ready crank on the oven and bake a pie.

Maybe if Anita Moulton asks her to bake a pie, Tiffany won’t be able to say no.

The word “no” just doesn’t have a place for this crew.

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