The Broncos still need bold moves |

The Broncos still need bold moves

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Jeff Sauer
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
Jeff Sauer

Sunday’s victory over the Raiders featured one of the better smash-mouth comebacks in recent Bronco history, and I commend them for sticking it to the team they love to hate, but let’s not get carried away and lose sight of the big picture just yet. They’re still a 3-5 football team, likely destined to finish the season with a losing record.

Losing seasons, however, are simply not an option for Broncos Executive Vice President John Elway.

During his playing days, Elway would often invite his teammates over to his house to relax and shoot a little pool. John had never lost a game on his home table until Bubby Brister, of all people, finally beat him one night. Elway promptly sold the pool table a few days later and bought a new one.

Expect him to have less patience with his Broncos, unless they continue to play like they did on Sunday.

In all fairness, Elway hasn’t really had the chance to put his stamp on the team yet. Nevertheless, changes are most certainly on the horizon, and here are two moves he might contemplate:

1. Audition both Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn down the stretch.

Coaches loathe making quarterback changes for various reasons, but why not take a hard look at both quarterbacks for the last eight games? Give them each four games and let’s see how things shake out.

I suspect that Quinn will actually prove that he’s capable of starting next season, and as for Tebow, he’s a work in progress for sure, but he does have his moments. Quarterbacks simply cannot rely on their legs as much as he does and survive.

2. Make a serious run at hiring Bill Cowher as the head coach after the season.

The thought of Cowher slobbering at the officials from the Broncos sideline sounds inspiring, to say the least.

Some people might think that Cowher is just a carbon copy of John Fox, as both coaches are considered defensive gurus, preaching a run-first, ball-control style of offense, but I perceive Cowher differently.

He’s plenty smart enough to understand the adjustments necessary to be successful in today’s pass-happy NFL, and more importantly, Cowher brings a certain aspect to the locker room that other coaches do not own – an unequivocal element of nastiness to every single team he coaches.

For too many years, the Broncos have been softer than the Snuggie your mother-in-law bought you for Christmas.

Cowher can change that mindset in a split-second.

The Rockies will also be making some moves during the winter months; none more imperative than their pursuit to acquire a third baseman.

They were oh so close to prying Michael Young (.338 AVG /106 RBIs) away from the Rangers last spring, and now apparently have their sights set on trading for David Wright of the Mets. Wright’s numbers have been on the decline over the past few seasons, but he’s still a career .300 hitter.

The Rox would like to add a righthanded bat to the heart of their order, and the best available free agent third baseman, former Cub Aramis Ramirez, might be a good fit with his .306/26/93 line, even though his defensive play is subpar at best.

Notes from the couch

Might as well admit it – with all of the lousy commercials airing during the games lately, you kind of miss those old Coors Light spoofs with the actual footage of former NFL coaches holding press conferences, don’t you? That’s OK.

If you’ve ever hit the rewind button on your TiVo just to re-watch one however, you’re definitely a geek.

Just sayin’.

Jeff Sauer is a longtime western Colorado resident and former Roaring Fork Valley resident. He can be reached at

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