The great challenge of our time is to obtain objectivity |

The great challenge of our time is to obtain objectivity

Out on a Limb
Ross L. Talbott
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

One of the most difficult tasks we face today is to become objective in our thinking and to sort out truth from the stream of distorted information we receive from the media. Some information may be factually accurate but if it is incomplete it becomes a lie because it leads to incorrect conclusions.

Our political leaders seem to be much more focused on re-election than on doing what’s right for our country. They continually take polls of their constituents to analyze the voter’s opinions and then attempt to manipulate those opinions.

That leads to the question of why people are so easily manipulated. I’ll never forget one lady’s response when I asked her why she voted for B.O. Her response was, “I liked the way he sounded.”

Nothing about issues, experience, policy, integrity or vision, she just liked the way he sounded.

It is said that if we forget the lessons of the past we are doomed to repeat them. It is equally true that if we forget or don’t understand the successes of the past we are doomed for failure; how quickly new generations lose touch with the lessons of the past.

I hated history class in high school. In fact I had a little poem written in my history book about the irrelevance of history which ended with the line, “and now it’s killing me.”

What’s really killing us now is our failure to understand the amazing economy and government our ancestors established and in fact, to deny it and lie about it.

There are two fundamental problems. First of all, people tend to believe everyone else feels like they do and if they just would listen they would agree.

I used to tell my kids that if a person believes everyone is crooked then watch them closely because they are crooked. On the flip side, if someone believes most people can be trusted, then you probably can trust them.

Liberals are out of touch with reality. They feel that if we would just apologize to the terrorists and ask for forgiveness we could all live together in peace.

If Israel would just give a bunch of land to the Muslims and concede the temple site, they would all live in love and joy.

If I would just wake up and think I would reject God and embrace atheism.

How do you understand Islam unless you grew up under Sharia Law? How do you understand conservatives if all you listen to is MSNBC?

The great challenge of our time is to obtain objectivity.

I look at myself and realize that there is a motive for what I do and say. For that reason, I look at others and try to discern their motive. Not necessarily the one they espouse, but the deep underlying thing that drives them.

If you can understand true motivation, you can better evaluate actions.

Everyone in the world has core values and beliefs that drive their actions.

The second foundational principle is the reality of evil. You may roll your eyes at this concept but most religions have some understanding of evil that is personified as a being or a spirit that can possess and control.

A Haitian nurse, who studied in America, was asked about her experience. Her response was astonishment that Americans were always saying ‘I’m sorry.'” Taking personal responsibility for wrong actions was new to a culture that believed all bad was evil spirits and you were just a victim.

The truth lies somewhere in between. Take responsibility for your actions and learn to recognize real evil and combat it (and vote it out).

Ross L. Talbott lives in New Castle.

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