The insider’s scoop on winter |

The insider’s scoop on winter

With a company motto of “Work hard, play hard,” you might think the Post Independent staff spends every weekend on black diamond ski runs, WI 4 ice climbs or backcountry ski hut trips. Some of us do engage in extreme winter sports, but this roundup of staff winter favorites shows that we’re really an average mix of folks who appreciate a good hot chocolate as much as untracked powder.

– Heather McGregor, Managing Editor

Mary Borkenhagen, Legal Clerk

Swimming at the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool:

These really are “healing waters.” The pool is a fabulous spot to socialize, exercise or just sit and soak. The staff is friendly and they have an awesome gift shop. The yearly pass makes it a great deal.

Melissa Boutwell, Office Manager

Hanging out at home:

I’m from southern Texas and have lived here since 1998. However, I’m still not a winter person. My favorite winter spot is my living room with a bowl of popcorn, hot chocolate and a movie.

Julie Carruth,

Advertising Account Manager

Snowshoeing at Sunlight Mountain Stables:

My 9-year-old daughter and I had a “date” there last year. It is beautiful, peaceful and not too crowded.

Jeff Caspersen, Sports Editor

Running the River Trail in Glenwood Springs:

Nothing beats YakTrax and a quick jog on the River Trail. It’s a great way to break up a work shift, and when the ground is covered in snow and it’s a full moon on a winter night, there’s no more beautiful a backdrop.

Carrie Click,

Arts and Entertainment Writer

Skiing The Heathen at Sunlight Mountain Resort:

There’s nothing like a double-black with a 52-degree pitch to bring your senses into acute focus – in a good way.

John Colson, Reporter

Cross country laps at Spring Gulch:

When I want a quick, aerobic workout, on either my vintage wooden skis or something more modern, I go for a circuit of the lower runs. A quick warm-up on Lazy 8, then up onto Roundabout for a lap or two is a great way to tune up the muscles, blow out the lungs and get in some fine views of Mount Sopris. For a longer outing with a little more difficulty, sneak up Perry Pass, around Bulldogger and Rodeo, which brings you back to Roundabout and the way back to your vehicle.

John Gardner,

Rifle Citizen Telegram Editor

Snowboarding the Hanging Valley Wall, Snowmass:

By far, Hanging Valley Wall is my favorite riding spot for the solitude, shear natural beauty and diversity of terrain it provides. On a powder day

you can ride untouched terrain for most of the day. Plus you get to take a short hike to get there as well.

Kendra Jones,

Advertising Account Manager

Snowshoeing on the summit of McClure Pass:

It feels like my own Winter Wonderland on top of the world, and you can’t beat the views!

Kristin Andersen Garwood,

Advertising Account Manager

Skiing or snowboarding on Rock Island at Snowmass:

I love this run on a powder day. This run is full of large and small boulders and you feel like you are skiing over and jumping off of fluffy pillows.

Amy Hadden Marsh, Special Writer

Staying warm at the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool and Athletic Club:

With a day pass to the athletic club, I can spend as long as I want in the delicious liquid warmth of the whirlpool or close my eyes in the hot, dry sauna and pretend I’m in the desert. The pass includes the Hot Springs Pool, so on a sunny day, lounging around in the hot pool is perfect for staying warm and getting a tan all at once. Ah, the joys of Glenwood Springs!

Heather McGregor, Managing Editor

Telemark skiing in Babbish Gulch:

Skinning up is a great workout, and skiing down through the aspen glades on a powder day is heavenly. It’s a long kick-and-glide out at the bottom, but the turns at the top make it worthwhile.

John Stroud, Reporter

Cross country skiing at Spring Gulch, Finlandia Trail:

The climb up to the very top of the Spring Gulch cross country ski area west of Carbondale is challenging, but the reward is pure pleasure, whether skate style or classic. Suggested route: Lazy 8/Roundabout to Wagon Road and Sidewinder (don’t forget to check out the view from Paul’s Point); then a nice descent on Finlandia to Holden’s. You might just be tempted to do it twice.

Collin Szewczyk, Copy Editor

Ice climbing Avocado Gully:

The climb is near the Penny Hot Springs between Redstone and Carbondale.

It’s a quick approach to some fantastic climbing, and the spot is shaded so sun exposure isn’t a problem. It’s a beautiful spot and there are three moderate pitches. Avocado Gully is great climb that’s easy to get to and fine for most skill levels.

Laurie Vagneur, Advertising Account Manager

Ranch sorting at the Cowtown Indoor Arena in New Castle:

Sorting is something we can do with our horses in the winter, and the event is fun, fast-paced and exploding in popularity.

Jenna Weatherred, Publisher

Hanging out in the sunshine on the deck at Sunlight:

Over the years, I have developed a wonderful phobia of the last run of the day when I am snowboarding up at Sunlight. Some time after noon, I will start to feel the itch and begin to dream about sitting in the sunshine on the deck. That’s when I tell my husband that I am feeling pretty fatigued and it might be best if I quit a little early. I have absolutely no proof, but I can argue adamantly that most injuries happen during that last run. My husband has learned better than to argue and now just heads up alone while I stake out a spot on the deck to stretch out like a cat, feeling pretty proud of myself for being so afraid of the last run of the day.

Charlie Wertheim, News Editor

Backcountry skiing on Williams Peak:

Williams isn’t too far from town, just a bit farther up the road from Sunlight Mountain Resort. The uphill is mostly through aspens, the views from the top are great, and the downhill is safe from avalanche and features meadows and tree skiing. It’s great for a quick ski, but there are (at least) two completely different routes up and down to combine for a longer day.

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